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Monday, August 12, 2013

You work hard and it shows

This weekend was the ultimate test of my healthy lifestyle.

Because, well... I wasn't... healthy... at all.

Friday Night, Klay and I went to see the Conjuring in the theaters... and were so early for the movie that we decided to go to the Chinese restaurant and have an appetizer and a drink.  Chicken/Veggie Tempura... and I had a MUDSLIDE MARTINI. Oh my goodness.. was that ever tasty. I brought a Seltzer and a small box of raisins into the movie with me (Please don't tell the movie police!)

We got home... and we both did some situps... It was a nice balance.

Saturday I knew was going to be a lost cause...

Between a baby shower, and attending a birthday party with Emry.. I was surrounded by a multitude of options... none of them healthy. I was raised Italian... someone makes food... you eat it.. especially if you are a guest at their party.

The baby shower was amazing fruit salad, and bbq meatballs, and the Italian Sub sandwich I have been praying for... for FREAKING weeks.

I then met Klay and Emry at the birthday party.. in which there was 26 pounds of different candy. All red and black colored (We had a lady bug themed bday princess). There was two different types of cake (Cannoli cream and strawberry shortcake), there was chips, and dips, and pulled pork, hot dogs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, baked ziti... and oh.. did I mention fried oreos... AND Pretzel sticks DIPPED in chocolate. .... Fresh Rolls... and butter...

I knew that Saturday was going to be hard... I started the morning prepared for this... I went on a 2 mile run. Yes, I ran on the pavement... hated each and every minute of it.. but managed 2 miles in 30 minutes... and for someone who only can move quickly on a exercise machine.. This was a big accomplishment. 

I felt that I had paced myself at the baby shower, as I wasn't very hungry. 

But, at the birthday party... with all of my favorite trigger foods around me.

I said, fuck it. 


I had a little bit (read: A LOT a bit) of everything. 

We then went back to the birthday girls house, after the festivities were over, to bring home the left over food... to continue snacking... on everything... and oh, "Hey, "kat" would you like a Pork BUN?"

We talked and chatted, there was a drink in there... or two...

Until about 11p... Yup.. Emry, Birthday Girl and another Friend stayed up WAY past their bedtimes... and played quietly (seriously, quietly) in the play room and the room we were in... They even snacked on Carrots... since they had enough sugar to fly with.

We got home.. went to bed.. There was really no time for exercise. We were exhausted.

Woke up on Sunday, and did the Ren Faire.

I was proud. I packed our lunches... and the only "snack" I had there... was a couple of celery sticks, a shot of rum... and I helped Emry contain the melting Ice cream tower... in the structurally compromised waffle cone. 

Dinner was normal... and tasty... 

Walked a total of 5.5 hours at the ren faire.
Then did 10 minutes of vigorous sit ups... before bed.

I woke up this morning... under my goal weight. 

Even WITH all of the above.
I still maintained the line in which I want to hold.

You put in the hard work and it shows.

There is a balance... even if sometimes.. the scale is tilted due to the candy and ice cream I am consuming.

Stay tuned later for our WEEK in FOOD! & Emry's Progress on his "Food Grounding"


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