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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birthday Party Planning Post #3: Progress...

I recently started purchasing items off of my "shopping lists".
The things I am stocking up on, is the things that won't go bad between now and the party.
I am also looking for sales... so I can possibly save a little money. I know, it's unheard of, but, you know, I got to try!

New developments in the epic world of party planning.... Since my dad had a moment... We have now over 60 people invited for my BIRTHDAY PARTY... 

Guess who's picking up all the alcohol... My dad... because he had his moment.

So, I am now getting ideas in my head for fall themed, easy.... "adult beverages"....

Hard and Hot... Apple Cider... Jeez what did you think I was going to say? 
A local winery makes something called a Holiday Wine, and you mix it with equal parts Apple Cider... then you heat it up. I was thinking we could top that with some of that special Vodka Whip Cream. I know.. It sounds delicious.. and I can make a whole CRAP load of it... :)

I cannot think of any cold drinks... other than just WINE... Anyone have any easy cold cocktail recipes that would be good for a FALL party? (or that will make you fall... either way... Add them to the comments!)

This past weekend, while on Emry's YES day, we ended up at AC Moore, and I purchased 200 lollipop sticks, and 6 bags of melting chocolate (3 dark chocolate and 3 orchid colored white chocolate).

I have purchased the cake mixes and I chose Red Velvet, Cherry Chip, Funfetti and Carrot. 
I know I have to limit myself to 3 boxes... but... well... I'm having issues choosing. I may make 3 boxes as cake pops, and a box as cupcakes... I mean... They have to be used.. RIGHT?!?! 

I have also purchased the salad dressings, and some trays, the sodas, Klay is working on the beer, 

I think this weekend, I am going to pick up the necessities for decorations... So I can make the mobiles, and the streamers. Not to mention have the containers for the cake pops, the foam blocks, and yada yada...

I may even do them this weekend... and take some pictures of them (I know.. *GASP*).

The party is 1 month and 2 days away... and I feel like I am very behind in the party planning and organizing. So, I really need to change that.

I should make a schedule for things that need to get done, and when they need to get done by....

Someone offered to make me pulled pork for the party... But, I don't know... it's a guest, and I really don't know if that's proper.. inviting someone to a party.. and them cooking? But, they like to cook and entertain.. so will I turn down the free food? No.. I guess not. It just felt weird when they asked. 

I hung up most of the pictures in our hallway, and my dad is beginning to hang the pictures for the "pirate wall"... .In case you are new here... We attend the New York Renaissance Faire, and volunteer as a family. The pirate wall basically catalogs all of our years doing that. It's a lot of fun. Most of the time

I'm sure, as we progress, things will start to firm up. . . And start to make me feel more... secure.
But, until then... I feel like I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

Although, I am excited to see what this looks like...
When it's ALL done...


  1. it's going to be perfect. so many good ideas!

  2. Cold Adult Beverages:

    Caramel Apple (apple cider and caramel vodka)

    Hard ciders

    Washington Apples (personal fav!)

    Jack and Ginger (I like mine with a squeeze of lime)

    Apple or Cranberry-tinis

    and this looked quite good Autumn Punch

    And if you want a color themed one, you could always go with Purple Jesus (F*ckers).
    Bottle of Ginger ale
    Bottle of grape juice,
    1/2 oz vodka for every 4 oz above combined (I like grape or raspberry for this)

    Shots: 2-4 depending on size
    1.2 oz Vodkia
    2 oz spiced rum
    1 oz curacao
    1 oz blueberry schnapps
    2 oz cranberry juice

  3. Hi love! I want to party with you :)
    Also, you're a "no reply blogger" so when you comment I can't email you a response! xoxo

  4. I am so jealous! This party sounds like it is going to be a hit! All the yummy food and dessert *drools* If I lived around you I would gladly do all the baking. That's just the kind of friend I am haha I hope you take pics of this event! I am pretty excited to see how your cake pops will turn out!