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Monday, September 9, 2013

Emry's YES day

Sunday, I dubbed as Emry's YES day.

I had gotten the idea from a blog that I read, or have read.. unfortunately, I could not find the post, so that I could give the person due credit, but, trust me... I got this one from YOU... So, take credit in the comment section.

First: Why did he earn a yes day?
Emry was at faire on Saturday, while I volunteered all day, he and Klay walked around faire... FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. He was very well behaved, and understood that they had to stay all day... due to my insane volunteer assignment.

Second: What is a "YES" day?
It's simple really... He could ask do to do something, and I would say yes... as long as it was within monetary boundaries, and something not completely inappropriate.

The first request: Can we go to breakfast?
We went to Denny's. I got Banana Caramel French Toast... it was obviously a YES day for me too!

The second request: Can I get the cool cupcake shaped cup?
It's Denny's the cup was nothing... SURE. Get the blue one.

The third request: Can we go to the movies? and see Planes!?!?!
Sure, let me fold some laundry first.

The forth request: Can I get popcorn and a lemonade?
Sounds like a plan... I'm getting sno-caps!

The fifth request: Can we walk and look around the mall?
Sure. But, if you want to continue to have an awesome fun day... we really can't buy anything. Okay?

The sixth request: Can we go to lunch? and DINNER?!
You have to pick one.
He picked Lunch.. we went to Chipotle... I ate a burrito, and instantly regretted it.

The seventh request: Can I play outside?

The eight request: (While at AC moore purchasing necessities for my upcoming party)  MAMA! There is a train you can paint for FREE! CAN I?!
Sure thing, what other free things are going on?

The ninth request:
(While we were taking an evening walk) Can we stop at the playground during our walk.
SURE! I saw how high I could get myself on the swing set.

The tenth request: Can I have cereal and milk for dinner?
Yup. Have a piece of fruit too.

The eleventh request: Can you read my some Junie B. Jones.
A chapter... it's late.

Overall spenditure: $70.

Not awful... We did a whole bunch of fun stuff... And, I think it was well spent.
I think I may use this as a great parenting tool... Make him earn another "YES" day...

Do you ever do "YES" days for your kids?


  1. That's pretty cool! I'm sure he had a total blast. We used to do those type of days, we called them simply Nora days :) But now she's "too old" and only asks for things she knows she can't have like a new iPhone or to go to a party haha. Awww the beautiful gift of raising a teenager.

  2. That is SUCH a good idea!!! I don't really think that my babes are old enough yet (they are only 1 & 2) but I will definitely be keeping this one in my arsenal! :) Good job mama!

  3. WOW! What a awesome day!!!! Whomever came up with this what a GREAT idea! I am kind of envious of his cupcake cup! I'd totally get one of those hahah. I swear I will never grow up! You are such a good mother. Your son is VERY lucky to have you as his mom :)