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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I hate the treadmill... kind of

I think I have shared that I am more a elliptical and/or stationary bike person.
That abhor treadmills, due to me knees.... and running outside, just isn't for me.

I have been going REAL out of my comfort zone recently.

Not only have I been semi-regularly walking/jogging/running around my neighborhood. This week I have started using the treadmill (GASP) at work. Now, I'm not running, not by ANY means. But, I am briskly walking. I did 10 minutes at 4mph and then I cooled down at 3.5 mph for 5 minutes today. And honestly.. It wasn't AWFUL. (GASPS AGAIN.)

I am trying to use this extra time I have with respect to the gym. I am so excited that the school year is coming upon us. I figure starting with Cardio, and ending with Cardio is a full-circle effect. I can gear up with the cardio, pull an awesome workout with weight training, sit ups and my heavy bag workout, and then cool down with more cardio.

I actually feel AMAZING today. 
It may be that the extra 15-20 minutes today released more Seratonin into my bloodstream...
But, my mood is INCREDIBLE.

And this is in the face of DRAMA....
Between co-worker drama (well someone trying to make drama where there is none), volunteer group drama (someone who is letting their young age dictate their responses), and birthday party planning... I am spent. I will be so excited when faire season is over. So I can truly focus on my birthday party... 

My father offered to help me fund the party. Which is really nice of him. I don't want him to PAY for it.. but the offer is really nice. I think I might let him fund the alcohol purchases. As those were the ones, I couldn't figure out how to pay for. 

This weeks Birthday Party Planning Post will be about Alcohol. *giggles* What to have? What NOT to have? What's appropriate.........

Stay tuned...

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  1. The last time I used the treadmill on a regular basis I felt fantastic too. I actually got that runner's high they're always talking about, insane!