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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I spent 24 hours in bed

At 5:30p on September 23, 2013, I GAVE UP.

I did not feel well.
I could not continue...

I made my lunch for work on the 24th, Emry's school snack...
And I... I WENT to BED.

And then, I stayed there...

5:30am on September 24, 2013... I awoke feeling just the same...
But, I tried... I pushed on...
I brushed my teeth, washed my face... Fed the cats... took my morning vitamins...

Then, I read my phone... Last night, while sleeping... A friend messaged me that she has been sick with ASMATHIC BRONCHITIS....

I thought back, about 10 days ago, she was coughing ALL OVER ME at faire, saying it was Hay Fever and/or her allergies. That she didn't need to go to the doctor.

And now.. THIS?

I did the time check.. yup 7-10 days.. that's a good incubation period. I AM SO NOT GETTING BRONCHITIS... 

SO what did I do?
I went back to bed.
I texted my boss... 

I stayed in bed, except for bathroom breaks, get more water, and mild food sustenance ALL DAY.

Last night 5:30p - 24 hours later... I started to feel, myself again. 
I felt cool as a cucumber, and the bed started to feel uncomfortable.. Which is a sure sign that I spent WAY too much time in it. 
This was good. But, I stayed there a little longer... Just for good measure.

At 8p last night.. I got so hungry, that I had hunger pains in my toes.
The.. YOU NEED TO EAT RIGHT NOW.. AND IT HAS TO BE HUGE....type of hunger.

So, what did I do?
I went to Five Guys.

My order? 

Bacon Cheesburger w/ grilled jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, tomato, and peppers. Topped with A-1 sauce. Not too mention Cajun Fries.

Ate 2/3 of the burger, and 1/2 the fries.
Felt fulfilled.

WOKE UP at 100% this morning.

Had an amazing workout, amazing breakfast.. and I might be ready to tackle the work on my desk!

It goes to show you.. REST IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

Tonight, I plan on taking Emry to karate, and then... I am going to CRAFT my butt off!

How was your time apart from me?
I know it was hard... but, tell me... I missed you all.

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you weren't feeling better! But I'm so happy that you are back to normal. And yes, we missed you!

    My husband said the same thing, "It's just allergies" until he woke up completely sick. Ugh I CANNOT get sick right now.