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Thursday, September 12, 2013

It didn't explode.

I've been on pseudo-strike this week.
No one really helps maintain the house, and I honestly don't mind cleaning it...
I do mind that people don't clean up after themselves, say if, they make a sandwich, and leave crumbs or pieces of cheese smooshed in the granite counters.... But, I digress...

SO this week.
I let it go.

I said to myself: "SELF (because isn't that always what you say when you address yourself?) Do nothing this week. No extra sweeping. No extra counter wiping. No extra Laundry... You, my dear, are on strike... See what happens."

Well, I am happy to report the house didn't explode from filth, and that the Laundry that was done on Sunday, was put away on Tuesday by Klay... and that the only reason I did Laundry last night, is because it was over flowing... but I have no intention of putting away.. until.. well.... Maybe tonight or tomorrow. 

Crumbs are there. Men still didn't clean them up... But.. it's not like I am wading through huge chunks of food.. and it's not.. HORRIBLY dirty... it's just a little crumby for my OCD to usually allow.

There is cat hair all going up the stairs... no one cleaned it.. but...

I got some well needed down time. 
I actually did a Google Hangout Chat with my sister last night...
I've been relaxing in bed after I take my bath.

I took a nice walk on Tuesday night.

All in all.. it was nice not to be constantly DOING...

But, since I have tomorrow off... I think tonight is going to be spent OOBER cleaning. 
Just so I can have a peaceful day of CRAFTING and LOUNGING and GRAPE PICKING on Friday.

 Oh, and meeting with the ex... to sign something...

But, that's wicked early, and I will not even let it weigh on my day. 

So, my OCD survived living in filth.. (READ: a few crumbs, pieces of cat hair and laundry on the dryer)... and I am in a far better mood than I have been.

All is right in the world.

How's your week going?

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  1. Terrible! hahaha that's how my week's going. But it'll look up soon. You are always on the go, even when you try not to be. You make me tired lol