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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Perhaps I forgot something...

That is a picture of an empty bowl.
There was a serving of WONDERFUL homemade Chicken Sausage Gumbo in it... But someone (read: ME) ate it too fast and didn't take a picture of how AWESOME it looked.

I am an awful Blog Friend...*cries*

The flavors were amazing. 
The seasonings I used were:

Creole, Jamaican Hot Curry, Chipotle Chili Powder, Salt and Pepper, and a dash of Cinnamon. 

I wanted you guys to at least have all the seasonings, so that if you were to try it... You could get close to the AWESOME flavor I achieved here.

I paired today's lunch with an apple.
From our local farmers market...
Starting next week, you should be able to Pick your own apples.

I'm not sure how I am going to do that in my work clothes... But, I plan on doing it with our normal food shopping...

for TWO reasons:

  1. I will be walking around for longer, keeping my metabolism up, while searching for awesome appley goodness.
  2. I will be picking apples of the freaking TREES, and they will be OOBER fresh. That means: THEY WILL BE DOUBLE THE TASTY!

Perhaps on Fridays I will bring another change of clothes, so that I won't ruin perfectly good work clothes (and shoes) in the apple fields.

Thoughts? Do you guys ever go Apple Picking?

Emry will begin school this Friday, and that means that he and Klay are playing for the next couple of days at home. Isn't that nice? Klay is going to take him shoe shopping (that sounds ultra girly.. how about Get his Kicks for School), get his hair cut for school (at the barbershop) and other "manly" activities.

That means that a couple of things are changing in my personal world. 

  • I know longer have to lug Emry to camp every morning, THUS, I can get to the gym at work earlier than usual. This morning, I logged an hours worth of workout and burned 339 calories. This is about 70 calories more than I normally burn. If my stomach was a little better (more on that later), I probably could have gone another 20 minutes... Think of the TONING I will achieve.
  • When school starts, Emry will begin going to the After School Program. This will hold him until 6p (at least it did last year, note to self, confirm hours of operation, and make sure they are doing this on the first day of school), THUS, I will not have to have a heart attack if I get stuck in traffic on the way home. Even when I did, it never even got me to him any later than 5:30p... This will be a major Stress RELIEVER!
  • Karate scheduling is going to change. After speaking with Emry's Sensei, it looks like he may be going to the later classes on both nights. This will make it easier to pick him up, do homework and eat dinner, and then go to class. At first, we are going to do the later class on Monday, since that is the class he was REQUESTED to go to. But, they want to try him in the Wednesday late class. If he acclimates well, and it is beneficial for the class and Emry.. then he'll join that class too. Problem with Wednesday night LATER class: I had promised one of the other mothers that I would bring her son to class on Wednesday nights for as long as she needed. Her work schedule changed, and didn't want to pull him from an activity he loves. SO: we'll see. 1) how long I am going to be chauffeuring 2) if Emry is allowed to go to the other class. I am trying to keep the drama down and keep all the kids happy. I'm sure the other mothers are trying to do the same. But, I'm not one to let my son's potential not be allowed to shine. He LOVES Go Shin Ryu, he's PRETTY DAMN GOOD at it for a kid, THUS (my new favorite word), I'm going to let him shine... and excel, as much as he wants....
  • PTA - now this isn't set in stone. It's something I have been thinking about. I want to be more involved in Emry's school. I figured I would attend a meeting, and tell them what my work schedule was like... See where and how I can be useful. This would keep me in the loop with what's going on in the school. Plus, we all know that the best defense, is a good offense.... And that's all I have to say about that one.
  • Later Hours for me. Between the possibility of PTA'ing and Karate.. plus, the knowledge that Emry will have HW this year, and more projects... I know that means that I am going to be putting in more MOM hours. It will be a tough transition, but, totally worth it!
  • Weekends do to ALL the chores and cooking. The Ren Faire ends in 3 weekends. That means that as of 9/22, I can stop doing COPIOUS house chores throughout the ENTIRE week. It's EXHAUSTING.
OK.. Why was my stomach upset this morning.

There is no other explanation.

We went to a BBQ/Cookout yesterday... and I started out fine, eating fruit... only drinking water...
And then... Pulled Pork Came out... All was lost.

I gave myself horrible stomach pains, and indigestion... Not too mention (TMI MOMENT COMING) that during my workout this morning, I had to run to the bathroom 3 times. It was just AWFUL.

I don't know when I'm going to learn my lesson with this.
I really don't know... It's becoming a problem, and a habit in social settings....
And that kind of bugs me.

Klay says that once the summer is over, the "parties" will go away as well.
And as that is true... What happens around my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?
I need to learn how to do better at this. It is something that will get out of control... unless I figure out what the triggers are.. and how to SQUASH them like bugs.

How does one fix being a SOCIAL BINGE EATER?

I'll find out. And I will let you know.

This is a process, and it is part of my journey. I am just so committed to being healthy.. that when I do screw up a little (read: A LOT) that it makes me upset. But, try and stop me when it's happening. It's.. pretty freaking bad. Klay says that I'm not "screwing up", that I'm being normal, and indulging isn't a crime. The problem recently is that there has been so many shindigs that have made it hard to keep my walls and strengths built. The further apart the parties, the less "bad" I will feel about these things. I'm not sure I believe that... but, it sounds like good reasoning to me!

We'll see.
I just...
Well... I want to be maintaining.. not weaving and bobbing above my goal weight, and then below it.
Not in a constant fashion... that seems unhealthy to me too! *Sighs* THOUGHTS?! 


  1. I'm a social binge eater too and it backfires on me just like you. I get sick and indigestion and I just feel like crap. Plus I get super groggy. Ugh, I feel you

  2. HEHE oh hush you are the best blog friend! Sure you skipped out on showing us your awesomely delicious meal BUT....You make up for it with the rest :) Apple picking sounds fun! I've wanted to go pick strawberries in a field and my own cherries but I never got around to doing that while I was visiting my family. I need to see if there are any self pick places around here because I have always wanted to work for my fruit. Strange. Maybe it's because I am Mexican so it is just in my blood to pick away in the fields HAHAHAA! Good luck on the PTA! You are such a good mom. Always making sure your son eats right and getting involved with his school and activities or teaching him a lesson when he does something bad and then talking about it after. That's a good caring parent right there. I am going to have to take lessons from you when I have kids. My god...I can't even imagine a mini me....egh.....think I'll just stay with my Chihuahua. Although I haven't been successful in training him either :/

    ANYWAY! I hope your tummy feels better <3