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Monday, September 23, 2013

Still here

I took a nap during lunch.
I woke up feeling zonked out...
But, as the cobwebs begin to clear...
I feel.... slightly better than I did when I came in this morning.

Klay got sick, well, was FEELING sick, last Friday. 
He felt a little better on Saturday.

We went to the Beer Festival and had a really great time.
There was amazing brews and foods...
I really enjoyed myself.

The amazing food I tried:
Chicken Satay in a wonderful peanut shiracha sauce.
Pumpkin Whoopie pie
Pulled Pork flat bread pizza
Reuben Slider and Chicken Beer Battered Egg Roll (with a horseradish cream sauce)
Beer cupcakes (Pumpkin Stout and Espresso Stout flavored)
Spring Rolls (Vegetable and Chicken) with an earthy (yet spicy) dipping oil.

The amazing beers came from all over the Tr-State area.
There were some good, some bad, some ... meh?

The weather was perfect, except towards the end, when it started to get crowded.
At that point, the sun came out in FULL FORCE, and made it uncomfortable. 

We got home around 4p, and were able to spend some alone time together.
My dad and Emry were having fun times!

My sister came down from upstate and arrived around 6p.

Dad and Emry got home around 7p.

We had pizza, and ziti... 
Cheese and crackers...

And just relaxed... Chatted...

Had an amazing time. I was very relaxed... DEHYDRATED but relaxed.

Sunday, was the last day of the NYRF. 
We had a volunteer meeting at noon... 
And then spent the rest of the day at faire, as a family.
My sister and I, for the first time in a while... REALLY enjoyed each others company...
Were calm, and not rushed from bouncing one place to the next.

Our children are great.... But, they do take away.... well, the "sister" bond we share.
Can't act goofy, when you are supposed to be the "adult" in the group.

Ah, the joys of parenting!

On the way home from faire, everything began to ache. 
I was cold, I was hot... I was snotty...

I had dinner, and took some cold and cough medicine...
Then I got a fever.

This great weekend, and then I get sick?
I blame this on Klay...
Really... I do.


I barely slept last night, which is why I probably felt so horrid when I got in here today.

I was so uncomfortable in bed. Between the constant temperature change of my body.
I went to sleep with a water bottle next to the bed. 
I got up and refilled it at least 3 times during the night.

I know that between the dehydration from the beer festival, staying up late that night, pushing myself through an amazing fun time at faire, that I did not rest my body properly. That there is only so much one can take.

I am hoping, that I can sleep a lot of this off.
My symptoms at the present moment are just, achey, tired, and a slight headache/sore throat. 

I have so much to do, in getting ready for a visit with Emry's grandmother this Saturday, a pampered chef party on Sunday,  Then I have a work conference the weekend after. And my birthday party the weekend after that.

So, I will rest.. Tonight and Tomorrow. I am praying that is enough to get me back on the horse, and allow me to get everything I need to get done. 

How was your weekend?

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