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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking Advice

A received a couple of emails and a couple of comments about Emry and his homework. 

A lot of them implied that I was doing his homework for him.

I really didn't see it that way... but, I decided to take a step back, and do the homework in stages.

Let me clarify: The homework did have to be neat, and legible, as per the instructions of the teacher. Any homework sent in that didn't adhere to the rules... well, would not be counted, and would asked to be done again the following week. So, yeah, I had to make sure it was neat.

We did it in stages:

Stage 1 - I had Emry do the heading. I walked away, and I let him use the day before as an example. 
I came back. It was fairly neat. The month was missing the "m" and he still had the date as "17". 
I had him fix those things, and we moved on to 

Stage 2 - We read the assignment. "-at" words, and how many can you list. Then pick one, draw and label a picture. I asked him to number his page from 1-4. And see if he could name that many. When he was done with the 4, I would check it, and we would see about more words.

It went fairly well. He hates the lower case "a"... for some reason, it's a letter he HATES making. it always comes out looking like a square... unsure... no biggie. We fixed some "a"'s... 

And then I asked him if he could think of any other "-at" words. He said he could.
I told him he had to number next to each one, do it neatly, and call me when he couldn't think of anymore.

He came up with a total of 8 "-at" words. 

We fixed a total of 6 a's, and 4 t's.... 

He drew a picture of our cats... 

Homework took... 20 minutes. If that.

I know this was a good day.
I know that there will be bad days.
Because Emry is human, and humans have BAD days.. and GOOD days...

But, thank you for the advice.
All of you.

Taking a step back, and not hovering... did a good job. 
I still need to check it's neatness. I still need to make sure he is following the "1st grade homework rules"....
But all in all... this system worked much better.

Less stressed... Thank you very much!

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  1. You are awesome! And I'm happy that he got it done so quickly too!