People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, September 20, 2013

This is what happens when you forget your vitamins

Forgot them at home.
I was very sad.
It won't be a big deal, I thought, I can due without.

Then, lunch time started to approach...
And my B-12 was nowhere near...
And neither was any of the other pills....
That I hold so near and dear.

My body figured it out.
No Breakfast Vitamins and now no Lunchtime ones?

Why hello, exhaustion, how are you today?
I know, it is rather early, why have you come to play?
This chick forgot her vitamins, her afternoon pick me up.
So, instead of you kicking in around 9pm... Noon is your new friend.

Exhaustion just giggles, 
It knows how long of an afternoon I have.
A pile of work.
     An hour of grocery shopping
           Two hours of PTA helping....
     Another hour or so at the WAL*MART
Dinner for the week to prepare
     A kitchen to clean...
           Laundry to do....

It knows...
It laughs...
I say to myself..
You can do this.

A little seltzer...
Some extra protein...
Come here almonds...


This is what happens when I forget my vitamins.
You get a weirdo poem, instead of a weirdo post.

I should have known better, I dressed super casual to work today...
So casual, that I am afraid to leave my office, for fear HR will notice...
Leggings, A sweater dress? HERE? Jeez, I must have been half asleep this morning.

Dressing like a teenager AND forgetting my vitamins... It's a conspiracy... I TELL YOU!


  1. Did you dress like a teen because you forgot your pills, or did you forget your pills because you dressed like a teen?

    I think I would allow sweater dresses and leggings if I was a boss. On Fridays.

    And Tuesdays.

  2. I'm a disaster when I miss my medication/vitamin morning regimen. I'm dizzy, distracted, anxious, and tired. I forgot them the other day and I actually took the time to go home on lunch, just so I could get through the rest of the day.

    1. I wish I lived closer to here. I would have completely gone home.