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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday - Monday - WHATEVER IT IS!

Longest 3 day weekend... Ever.

Thank you to all who sent positive energy on Friday... Emry made it through a work day with me. Actually, the good energy you sent, was SO awesome.. That we got out at 2:30p


We were able to get our food shopping done, before when we should have TECHNICALLY got home. It was AWESOME.

We spent 3 full days at the New York Renaissance Faire.
Saturday - Pirate Day
Sunday - Steampunk Day
Monday - Barbarian Invasion Day.

On Saturday, Klay, Emry and I volunteered 5 hours at the "Pirate School" that trained wee children how to be "PIRATES"... It was fun, and totally tiring.

We went out for German Food on Saturday night with my dad, and friends from our Faire Volunteer group. Lots of Food... Lots of Fun... and BLURRED LINES played on an ACCORDION. It was...
An interesting night.

Sunday was rainy and kind of gross.

Monday - kind of the same, and we ended up at a BBQ later.. in which Emry fell into a turtle pond. Very eventful.

This week in food.. I made a Chicken Sausage, Barley, Gumbo...
I unfortunately have NO recipe... But it was basically:

Johnsonville Cajun Chicken Sausage, 2/3 cup of barley, Green & Red Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Can of Diced Tomatos, Vegetable Broth, Cajuny/Curry type seasonings.

I diced the veggies, prepared the barley, quickly browned the diced chicken sausage, and tossed all of the remaining ingredients (along with prepared ones) into a crock pot, and allowed to cook on low for a while.

The calories per 1/2 cup = 160.

I wish I even had a picture of it... I don't.
It was something I MADE UP on my own, with no recipe from a website.
I was very proud.

Maybe I'll take a picture of my lunch when I heat it up, and just post the picture of it.
We'll see.

 I've been trying to do actual work ALL morning.. So I should get to that.

Stay Tuned.

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