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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Party Planning Post #6: Mobile Decoration

So, you can't see the epic colors or patterns.. But, THAT is my Mobile streamer.

I cut out pairs of Music Notes, Moons, Humming Birds and Stars.
Then I double sided taped the HELL out of them, stuck fishing line done the middle, and stuck one side to the other..


I thought so.

Very time consuming though.. .since the double sided tape kept sticking to me....
Sticking SO much.. I sort of felt like J. Lo... in that Green dress....

You know what I mean?

But, I got two mobiles done.. and I have a whole other set of cut outs, if I should want a THIRD one.

At the moment I have
2 Mobile Streamers
4 Zig Zag Streamers (that could be cut in half to make 8... they are REALLY long)
4 Spiral Streamers (2 can be cut down, because they are REALLY long as well)

And I am making:

I have so much cardstock left over.. I am going to make a bunch of these.. for the door frames, the banister, the fireplace mantel... and where ever else I have room for them.

I brought all the cardstock to work with me today. I think during my breaks, I am going to draw out the triangles.

I have 6" wide x 12" long pieces of paper, and I can make 3 triangles per page... well... 4, if I take the 2 half triangles and tape them together. 

The thing about the doorframes is... the banner will have to be DOUBLE sided.. so it looks pretty from BOTH sides. 

That's why I took so much cardstock... I have 32 pieces of the 6" x 12" ... if that makes 3 - 4 triangles.. that's 96 - 128 triangles.. So, I think I have enough to cover all the surface area I am talking about.

I cannot wait for this to be all finished... 
And then take pictures of everything. 


Be a dear, tell me, have I left anything out?
Is there anything you think I should be focusing on?

Next week is going to be all about prep.
Pre-cooking, marinating, and such...

SO tell me..


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  1. How's the candy bar coming along? Are you having a cake?