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Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween is in the air! Candy, Baking, Carving and DECORATING! (A picture post)

So let's just start with: I LOVE HALLOWEEN. This year.. It's a different kind of love though. It's one filled with.... Parties, and Kids, and Crafts, Domestication... and love... It's not about getting dressed up as some GORY and SEXY or GIRLY costume and going to some haunted house with my friends.. It's about Emry, Our friends with kids.. and all the MOM things that are associated with this season. 

 This year.. I made Goodie Bags for Emry's First Grade class. Introducing, Purple Witches Fingers! (Colored White Chocolate Lollipops). These were added to a goodie bag filled with Sno-Caps, Purple Twizzlers and Peach Penguins (Yeah, I was getting rid of the candy from my Birthday Party. So SHOOT ME!) Each Bag then gets a Halloween Pencil Themed to it. I found super cute goodie bags in the Dollar Tree... And I am all about a good DEAL!

Then there was the matter of COOKIES... Why? Because we really wanted them. We baked up some Peanut Butter Cookies with Caramel Chips.. I Betty Crocker'd it.. And added Caramel chips myself. Emry and I did this together, and honestly.. they came out rather good. None of them burned... And.. Well, I am pleased to say we still have quite a few left! mmmmm Cookies. I forgot to dip one in some apple cider.. but, perhaps I can hide one for myself, for this weekend.

Our weekend was filled with the Halloween Spirit! We carved our Jack - O - Lanterns. I had recently gone to Michaels Arts and Crafts, and purchased REAL pumpkin carving equipment. I was getting really tired of the Dollar tree stuff, that fell apart after ONE season.. Now.. We have WICKED tools.. that will last YEARS AND YEARS.... Seriously.. our scooper.. could kill a man... It's kind of creepy... But, LOVE IT.

This is the first time that I really let Emry get into the actual carving.. We cut off the lid together, and I had him scoop his little pumpkin out.. until it was ALMOST done... Then he drew on his face... and he cut out the eyes and the nose.. I had to help with the mouth... He wanted it to have two of these small pointy snaggle teeth.. It was cute.

Now... MY pumpkin.. We all now how I love.. Steampunk... SO I made a STEAMPUNK-IN... I used Gear Shapes for the eyes, a LARGE mustache (for the nose area) and a KEY for the mouth... I thought it was kind of different... and well.. EASY to do. I really wanted to paint my pumpkin this year, but since we had stocked up on all the tools of mass pumpkin destruction.. I figured... CARVING... should probably happen.

Later on Sunday, Lissa, Klay, Emry and I went to our local Theater, who was showing the ORIGINAL SILENT PHANTOM OF THE OPERA... what was even cooler about this was... THE LIVE ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT. Man. It was really something special. Emry sat through the whole thing. Didn't really seem scared.. and Asked me why "is that lady so scared of him?" I explained it was because of his face that he hid behind the mask. Emry looked at the face and said "What's wrong with it?" I laughed... I thought it was really cute. Lissa told us, that when they first released this movie, people FAINTED at the sight of the Phantom's face... Oh boy.. how far we have come... Either that.. or people were complete boobs back then. Anyway.. Amazing TIME! OH: Best #1 part of the movie: IT WAS 1000000% free. Got to LOVE THAT! 

Once nightfall hit, I began to take pictures of our outdoor decorations (including lit Jack-Lanterns).

We have our Bush of Death. With severed hands, floating ghouls, skeletons and spider webs. 

Over our door, I found some really cool light up SPIDERS.. they glow green... My dad has been calling them Creepy Spiders.. FROM MARS! I think It adds a little something. I wish we had enough money to get more of them.. but, this year.. Halloween on the Cheap Cheap.

Our walk way was adorned with our coffin face, and Larry. If you've been with me for a season or two.. you'll know that we have had "Larry", our grim reaper since Emry was about 2 1/2 years old. And when I asked him, in all his toddler glory, what to name this hooded figure... He said.. LARRY... Never could figure out why.. or who Larry was to him... But, the name stuck.. and He has been part of our Halloween Decorations ever since.

We found some neat decals at the Dollar Tree. A witches face with hands, Blood Splatters, and Rats... I know they are there, but you can see them through the glass on the main door.. and well, at nighttime, I have tricked myself that someone was looking in on us... CREEPS ME OUT.. more than I like to admit... HA!

Our Front Trees have Cautionary Tapes everywhere. One says Zombie Crossing... the other says Undead Crossing... They just are quick and easy ways to add a little color.

Klay's mom gave us a little reaper dude on a swing, he has these cool kettle bells attached to him.. that have this dull deep sound when they clang. It is certainly a welcome addition... I was thinking he could be Larry's little brother... But, I can't think of a cool name... Can you think of one?

In our front yard, Klay and Emry stuffed some old clothes with leaves, and we attached some severed feet to him, and a pumpkin light up head...   

My favorite part of all of this is our LIT Jack - O - Lanterns. This adds the FAMILY aspect of our decorations. And, as of recently, this aspect has been SO important to all of us... Klay had time to carve a quick pumpkin... One for each step... From BIG to SMALL. A Daddy Pumpkin, Mommy Pumpkin, and a Wee-Squashy Pumpkin...

BUT, I don't have to tell you that my Steampunk-in is my favorite? DO I?

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  1. Love it all! I'm so jealous of the cuteness level of your family! What a wonderful mom you are :)