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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Healthy Halloween... riiighhhht

Bloody Hand Sandwiches Recipe 

There was this thing I read... that Halloween can be a "Healthy day too"... And, I am not sure I exactly agree with that.

I mean... Yeah, don't break the bank... don't make yourself SICK.. but.. 


I am very dedicated to eating right.. to keeping healthy things in my house... and to show Emry what a healthy diet looks like...

But, that doesn't mean we don't have cookies or fruit snacks hiding in our cupboards.
It doesn't mean that I will not bring not one, but 2, pillowcases with me tonight, so he can get as much candy as he wants... 

And, it sure as heck doesn't mean that I am going to eat NO CANDY AT ALL... 

Where do we draw the line between a Healthy Lifestyle... and NO LIFE? 

I mean, today, for instances, I sent Emry in with the goodie bags that I made for his class... 
There is no Halloween party.. but still, I made them, and they are getting passed out. No if ands or butts about it. 

There is also no costumes today... He's in FIRST GRADE... seriously? No Costumes? Today was PAJAMA DAY... so, you know I sent him in his Happy Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pajama Pants, and an epic ZOMBIE T-shirt. Right? 

I understand the hassle of getting kids in and out of their costumes. I understand the fact that this is an ordinary day and there is school work to do.. But, DAMN... WHEN DID WE BECOME SO RIGID as a society that we can't let kids enjoy this day?

My Christian Corporate office... did Trick or Treating.. AND MOST OF US dressed up. Yeah, I had to bring a change of clothes for when we go to the Employee Recognition Luncheon... But STILL.. EVEN HERE... the spirit of Halloween was alive.

So I am proud to say:

TODAY IS HALLOWEEN... AND I'M GOING TO EAT CANDY, SALTY SNACKS, POPCORN BALLS... SEVERED HANDWICHES.. And whatever gruesome things that come across my path.

Enjoy your day people...



  1. With inappropriate costumes and religious objections a lot of schools don't do Halloween anymore. Some do something instead of Halloween, but truth be told a lot of teachers like it better this way. They don't have issues in the classrooms with distracting costumes, the kids that don't have costumes aren't left out, and as just another day or putting the focus on something else, the day goes much more smoothly.

    Further, many have no candy/junk food items in their wellness policies or policies on school celebrations and observances.

    I've never thought it had a place in school to begin with, even as a kid myself.

    1. This is a valid opinion and I know other people feel just the way you do.

      1) Inappropriate costumes at Grade School levels can be rectified by a note home. "Appropriate or your kid gets sent home. No exceptions."
      2) Religious objections, are completely justified.. but when does one religion trumph another belief? Why is just banning it okay... Doesn't that potential offend someone who celebrates this holiday for THEIR beliefs?
      3) Teachers liking it better this way. I get it. I completely understand. And do not disagree.
      4) Kids feeling left out happens, with or without costumes... every day... just saying.
      5) Wellness policies... public school... we are breaching into conversation that makes me a little uppity... Their needs to be standards for food, and nutrition and exercise... But, moderation needs to be taught. The good and the bad needs to be shown..
      6) Loved Halloween as a kid.. Love it now.. I think it has a place EVERYWHERE.

  2. Did you ever see my meatloaf hand in my recipe section on the left of my page?