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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He's 6 . . . . Not 16 . . . .

This is my son, Emry. He is six years old, and as his mother, I need to remember this. I usually write posts about how great he's doing, how funny he is.. or what horrible... hmmm, "Horrible" things he has done. But, I never really tell you about him... as a person... 
He is a wonderful person. Ever since I can remember, that kid has had a huge goofy grin. A grin that even he was crying or complaining moments earlier, can just instantly come across his face... It's infectious... and special. 

He has personality, and isn't afraid to show it to you.  And, of course, there are times when all of **THIS** is overwhelming. But, I think on a whole the kid is meant for great things. He is unafraid to bust a move in public, to make a silly voice... to voice any opinion he has... or to just be excited. As a whole, society thinks that children who are "excitable" are a problem. Even though I do not agree with this on the whole... There are sometimes that I think his excitement is reprehensible. That's wrong of me: He's 6.... Not 16... He's supposed to still be really excited about the world. We lose that as we get older... well, some of us do.... Some of us rarely find our way back to loving life... and all it's experiences. 

He will try just about anything. This past weekend, we took him to see the original "Phantom of the Opera"... this was a SILENT movie. I had to read most of the text boxes to him... But, he was totally up to see how people used to watch movies. He was also really happy to see a huge organ and here it accompany the movie. I need to note, that he was the only small child in the audience. The theater wasn't exactly packed, but of the... oh 40 people... He was the only child. He sat and he watched.. My favorite part of this, is that he didn't understand why everyone (especially the actress playing Christine Daae) was afraid of the man behind the mask. I tried to explain that his ugliness was scary... And I swear, he looked up at me and asked "What's wrong with it?" 
This brings me to another great thing about Emry. He doesn't see the ugliness... or obesity... darkness or the imperfections that society sees. Yes, he's still 6, but, we should all have this mindset... All he sees is people... Places... He always wants to know how to fix it, or why it couldn't be fixed... This question covers topics from abandoned buildings/homes to sick/dying people.... He is such a positive kid, he thinks everything can be fixed.... These questions usually end with me getting frustrated with the "But what if...." replies that come after why it just couldn't be. In his head... things are perfect... and can be perfect... with a little effort. I hope one day he invents something... or does something... that proves this theory... I wouldn't be surprised... not in the least.

He wants to help. All the time. Whether it is cleaning a dish, feeding the cats, emptying the recycling... it doesn't matter. We are learning as parents to give a little, and let him have more responsibility. But, these things are hard... Especially when you are the kind of mom that forgets how "old" your kid is. One minute he's 6... the next he's 16... then he's 2.... He's all boy... And basically unbreakable.... So, with this reasoning.. we let him help... 

He loves nature and to go hiking... Paddle boats... And, I swear, the second we take him camping... will be the happiest day of his life. We are slowly considering Boy Scouts... Klay was a scout, and on the whole I agree with the principles that are taught.... As long as there are no extremely bigoted people... I think it's something he'll get involved in. He is an active boy. I swear he can run the trails and never get tired.. up the hills and down. We still have to teach him to STOP and to SLOW down.. running and hiking trails really don't go hand in hand... at least not where we hike. He's always ready to go.. To learn about the markers, to look at the animals... Last time he went, two woodpeckers flew RIGHT in front of his face... He was THRILLED... It was something I wished we had a camera to catch!

And then there is the train addiction. Ever since he saw his first Thomas the Train episode, he has been HOOKED. He loves the way they move, how they move... the different types... Anything train.. any time... I swear... He even has a shirt that says "I love trains". It's hysterical. He used to build these tracks that spanned the ENTIRE living room of our town house. At one point.. he started bringing them up the stairs.... It was... AMAZING. We would turn our backs for one moment, and the next... A complete world of interconnecting tracks and trains on them. Truly special.

So today... I celebrate my son... Emry.
He's not perfect... and he doesn't have to be.
He is his own person... secure... and loving... 
And that's perfect to me.


  1. That's the one thing I love about children the most, they just find everything in the world exciting! I wish I could be excited about little things still. Thank you for sharing this, it made me smile to know how much you absolutely adore your lil munchkin!

  2. You have such a beautiful son. Thank you for sharing him with us!