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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I can't run

I can't run...

This is an excuse that I used to make.
Why did I think this? 
Well, it's actually based on fact...
I have little to know cartilage left in my knees; this is due to... well, *deep breath* It's due to the man I dated before meeting my ex-husband. 
So, after finally getting away, getting well.. I noticed things about my body.. one of them being that whenever I would do a lot of walking or hiking.. My knees would blow up to the size of balloons.. bruises... and even just running a little outside during playtime... would result in this type of reaction.
THUS: I can't run.

Times moves on... I lost all that weight... And now, I run... well... I run about 5 miles a day.

Let me say that again: I run about 5 miles a day. And I do this 5 (if not 6) times a week. And I do it, in just above an hour. Like 1 hour 5 minutes..

I have cut my 5k time down to 39 min 12 seconds (indoors). I will check my outdoor time this weekend.

But.. I am running. 
I can run. I have been running. I can run farther, and I can run faster... And I am barely pushing myself to do this. I am challenging myself and that feels awesome.

Things I have noticed about running (whether inside or outside):
  • When I am done running outdoors, I have to take chest congestion medicine... Because I get this wicked DEEP cough... for a while after my run. This has to be due to the wind and moisture in the air... And, my wicked allergies... I refuse to get sick because of exercise... that's just dumb.
  • When running inside, I have noticed that the first 10-15 minutes is... taxing.. My body tries the tricks a small child does when asked to clean up... "Do I have to? Can't I do it later? Can I do it SLOWER?" But, after that initial 15 minutes.. my body is just going.....
  • I need to stretch a lot more every day... Even on the one day I do not run... My legs are starting to shed the rest of the... jiggle, and the muscle is making things.. Tight... to say the least.
  • I sweat.... A LOT... but just on my head.. the rest of me is dry... Is that weird? I feel like my scalp is an OPEN FAUCET... It stinks... not literally.. I mean it's totally NOT cool... But, it is manageable.
  • I prefer to run with music on. I have stopped watching the TV in the gym, I was craning my neck while I ran, and that was very uncomfortable. And when I am outside, it helps to gauge the length of time I have been running.
  •  Somehow no matter which direction I run in... The wind always is hitting me in the face. I say that's the Almighty's fault... And I see it as  challenge. 

It is starting to get VERY cold outside. This is making me very NERVOUS about the 5k on Thanksgiving. This 5k is at 8am... And right now, 8am is about 40 degrees. Can you imagine how cold it MIGHT be in a month?

Any of my running friends out there have any suggestions? Other than the running clothes that insulate your body, without letting you overheat...

I do not want to make excuses why I can't do this 5k.. I need to do it... I need to have this under my belt. That I DID this... So a little help would be greatly appreciated.

I can run.
That's the point.

I can and I will... 


  1. I think you're doing so well. Making SO MANY huge gains. I am proud of you!

  2. I'm so proud of you and oh so jealous of your 5 miles!