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Monday, October 21, 2013

I have never been so attracted to a zombie in my ENTIRE life.

Recently, we were talking about Halloween Costumes and how Klay is anti-dressing up... unless it is in his Ren Faire Garb.

Well.. this story will tell you the following about my significant other:
  1. He's only so stubborn
  2. He's a great father
  3. Knows how to make an entrance

Saturday, was the first of 3 Halloween events for Emry. It was at one of his friends houses, and it was a party with games and costumes and yummy yummy treats.

I figured out a way to get a facial wound prostethic on Emry's face... I got my pink lady gear on... and then...

"I can't go. Something's wrong with the... **insert computer jargon here**... I am so sorry."

Emry was very disappointed. We had convinced Klay that I would white out his face and hollow his eyes... and he could be the Zombie that BIT Emry (the infected zombie hunter).

But, we said okay, and Klay promised if he could make it.. he would... and we left.

We got to the party and had this fantastic time. Around 3p, my phone rang, and Klay was asking for directions... Which were gladly given...

20 minutes later. I hear him pull up... I see him walk around the backyard, and I am thinking
Can he not see the stair case? Why is he just standing there?
For the record, I didn't get a clear look at him.

Then the first kid screams: WHAT IS THAT?
All the kids are on top of the deck looking down.. so all the parents jump up...
We look down, and what do we see... A bloodied.... torn up... ZOMBIE...
WHO IS THAT?!?! Screams another kid.

Emry: "That's my dad!!!"
(I hope you can hear the adoration.. cheesy grin beaming... Happiness.)

At that  exact moment, Klay whips his head around, with blood pouring from his mouth, and CHARGES the stairs... All of the kids screamed... all the parents laughed... Emry just smiled (and locked the gate...HA!)....

Even though he hates dressing up.
Even though he hates anything other than his Ren Faire Garb....
Klay knew how sad Emry was that he wasn't going to be there.. and then went above and beyond.

And that's why I love him.


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  1. OMG Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a member of the pink ladies! Lookin' good in them pants girl!