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Friday, October 25, 2013

My first break... from the gym

Ever since February 19, 2013.. I have been on my healthy journey.
Since then, each morning before I start work (unless I am at home sick), I have been in the gym... working my butt off. 

I did not do that.
And yes, I am sitting in my office as I type this.


I didn't sleep last night.
At all.

I was nauseous last night..
But, today... It's as if all the energy has been sucked from my bones.

I am merely existing today.
Not living.

I drove in early.
I got my stuff together.
I looked at my gym bag...
and said "NO".

I sat in my chair, kicked my feet up on my desk... and I slept.

I slept until the start of my day.
This is not normal for me.

I am still... exhausted.

So, I figure my body is coming down with something.
I figure that I need to feed this cold.. before it turns into something else.

But, regardless of what I have eaten today.... and I'm not even going to attempt to share that with you.....

Like tapeworm famished.

It's weird.

Now, this is the point where my OCD head starts running on overdrive...

Are you losing your focus?
Are you losing your drive?
Are you going to gain the weight back?
What are you thinking?

Seriously... my head gets a little ... A LOT ..... crazy.

You can't be perfect all the time.
I know that if I feel better tomorrow.. I will get up and run.
I know that on Monday, I will surely feel myself again, and I will hit the gym like NOBODY'S business...

So.. even though I am stressing over what my eating is looking like.. and the fact that I didn't workout AT ALL today...

I know I will be okay.
I know the sun will rise tomorrow...

And I know that the treadmill will love me just as much when I return.
And the road... well... the road will always be right outside... waiting for my sneakers to pummel it.

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  1. Sometimes that can happen! Your body is crying out to be fed, so it's OK, feed it today and get back at it tomorrow :)

    I woke up today at 5 and said I'm NOT going for a run. 10 minutes later, Daniel was pushing me out of bed because he knew I needed it :) thank goodness he did!