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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Success! and a Bump... Literally

This morning, I accomplished my ultimate running goal. A 12 minute mile and a 5k running time of 38 minutes and 24 seconds. In my head, I do not need to push my time any further, I need to maintain this, and strive to have this time for the race on Thanksgiving.

I've been keeping a running total, and each week, I am running about 25 miles. That's pretty epic. 

And, it wasn't as hard to do as I thought. I really just kept upping my time on the treadmill... Kept trying to find my rhythm.. It's about listening to your body, and feeling when it is ready to take on more. I keep tossing up the treadmill workouts, different intensity settings... different exercise modes. What built up my endurance the most... was doing the HILL setting. The random setting is good, but, the hill setting really tests your legs... it really tests your ability to push forward. Because at one point, your calves are screaming, and you get that weird feeling in your ribs... right below your under arm area... And the treadmill decides that it wants to go from a 0 incline to a 9 incline.. just like that... But you keep going... For several reasons:
  1. You can't stop.. you'll fly off the machine
  2. Hitting the pause or cool down button is NOT an option once I've started this.
 This week the one thing I have noticed, and I think it comes down to the tightness of my sneakers or perhaps the shape... I am getting a weird bump, on the dorsum (read: TOP) of my foot... it's a ridge.. And it does kind of hurt... depending on the pressure my shoes are putting on it...

The Massage Therapist in me thinks: Dorsal Exostosis... or even the milder Lace Bite... I tried wearing shoes today that do not lace at the foot (IE: I just had to wear my cute furry boots, for medical reasons). I am also keeping my foot and ankle relaxed... limp even... just so I don't build up any additional tension.

If the problem persists and doesn't seem to get better.. yes, I will see my doctor... but right now.. I think it's that I've been over tightening my sneaks...

The Pharmacy Technician in me has already thought of the OTC linaments I can use... The pharm tech and the massage therapist will converse... and usually if there is discomfort, it is either Tiger Balm or Topricin... And to pick between the two is easy... it's whatever one I find first. *smiles*

What about you guys?
What fitness goals have you set?
Have you ever gotten an injury while working out? If so, how did you keep active without aggravating it?
Have you ever achieved a major exercise/fitness goal? How did you celebrate?


  1. oh man... not an injury. that doesn't sound fun at all! i'm still trying to work around my ankles which feel totally broken when i run ... ugh.

  2. Your 5K time sounds great!!!!! I am not a runner, but I want to be! I don't even know where to begin!