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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The actual PARTY POST - the one where I write stuff

(Okay there was no danger of food poisoning, but, it felt funny to type)

Let's talk about the birthday party and my birthday... and all things included.

Thursday Night - WAS FOOD SHOPPING EXTAVAGANZA TIME. Emry came with me, and we didn't get back home until 7:15p. He still had homework, and Klay did that with him. But, I fed him a little from every store, so he had a full meal by time we got home.. including dessert. I was a ROCK STAR parent on Thursday.

Just saying.

Friday - I woke up on my birthday at 5A... ON PURPOSE.. WHY? I was going to run outside.. and see how long it would take me to run a 5k... Now, the reason it is smart to TRAIN OUTSIDE, is because the treadmill does not prepare you for things like: 1) Wind 2)Uneven Ground 3) Pot holes, 4) Animals popping out of the high grass, 5) That funny thing that happens to your lungs when you are taking in air of different temperatures (if you run, you know what I am talking about.)...etc etc.
I did it though. I ran 5k (3.2 miles) in 40 minutes and 57 seconds. If you have been keeping up with my training times.. that is 1 minute and 19 seconds faster than I run it on the treadmill. And I was impressed. So impressed that I woke up Klay before the sun had even had a chance to think about rising.. and told him about it. 

I got a free oil change and inspection.. because my mechanic LOVES ME.. .and he knew it was my birthday.

Klay and I put Emry on the bus, and then we went to breakfast at DENNY's... Where I GOT A FREE BREAKFAST, because it was my birthday.
I got a grand slam, and I slammed my pancakes up... and added Chocolate Chips, Fresh Strawberries and Caramel Sauce... Yeah.. I did it.. I am proud of it too.


From there... We went home and starting at 9:30a.... I began to cook for the party.
I did not leave my kitchen until 9:30p that night.

For dinner, my dad got us Five Guys.
And the men folk cleaned the house.. while I cleaned the kitchen.

I then decorated the house until midnight, and then drove to a friend's house to pick up the Hair Accessory she made for my birthday. It had to be done.

Saturday - 
I woke up at 6:30a... because I just wasn't tired... 
Watched some stupid TV...
And then began to set up and get ready for the party.

People started arriving around 3p.. and then left and more came, and left and more came until roughly 10p... then everyone was out of the house by 10:45p.

The party was awesome. I had planned so well, I was really able to enjoy it.
All the food and drinks were a big hit, except for one family who was having a super jealous moment (more on that later).

From 10:45 to 11:30p Klay and I cleaned the house, which was oddly clean. And then I opened my presents.. and it felt like Christmas.. Just saying. I am a very loved individual.

Sunday - 
Woke up.
Went to Karate Demo....
Went out to eat with Friends for another Birthday Party... for that friend's husband.
Sushi is awesome... just saying.

Monday -
Cleaned up Play Room.
Now, let me clarify.. the children who attended the party were fairly neat.. except for one (more on that later). They tried to clean up as much as they could.. but, honestly... there was only so much that could be done.

I woke up early and tackled that.
I found as much missing lego pieces as I could.
And, basically got everything ready for the Winter Donation Spree we do... 
So, it wasn't a total loss.

Got Emry a haircut..... which was fun.

Then Klay, Emry and I went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, then dessert at Friendly's.

Let me go back to the two key points I said I would discuss later:
1) People who were Jealous
2) The one kid who wasn't particularly neat or respectful of our house, or Emry's stuff.

Funny, right?

I have known these people for 7 years. 
And, they find it funny to pick at me, or make fun of me... I think it's a jealousy thing.
But, let's just say during the party the following happened:
  • My "friends" picked at that there was no coffee (at 4p.. just saying).. that HIS coffee got cold and I told him to heat it up himself in the microwave. 
  • That I bought dips, instead of making them, even though I made everything else.
  • That when he throws a party he never has fun, because he's catering to everyone else (That's why I covered everything the day before so I could enjoy the party as much as possible).
  • That most of the desserts/candy were covered in chocolate and THEY don't eat like that... Sorry, can't make special stuff for just TWO people.
  •  THE DAUGHTER, TRASHED THE PLAY ROOM, AND DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO CLEAN UP. She broke something of Emry's, and pieces went everywhere, we still haven't found all of them, and the whole family oddly left right after it happened, and before Emry could tell me about it.
  • When I confirmed this with another child (who was there), I called the father, who I have known for 7 years.. he got very defensive, and basically.. well, wouldn't hear it.
  • So, now, we aren't speaking, and his family is welcome in my home, until a) his daughter apologies to Emry b) he apologizes for screaming at me c) hell freezes over. I really hate disrespectful people. Just saying.

But, that's the low down of the weekend.
Overall.. IT ROCKED.

And ... I only gained two pounds from Thursday night until This morning... So that was an even BIGGER birthday gift.

Now, that's over... it's time to prepare for Halloween.

How was your weekend?



  1. Happy Happy Happy belated birthday. You are so fun! Don't ever change.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm bummed I had to miss out. Aside from that petty person you describe, it sounds like a great time was had by all! The mark of a truly great party! :)