People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, October 25, 2013

The ever moving PAGES!

So since the pages being posted at the top of the page, made TWO headers...

I have moved them to the LEFT HAND SIDE of the page.

Tell me... do they look better?
Is it causing for any additional visual yucks?

I will be adding a Parenting Tab too... I'm pretty sure...

I have also added some new buttons to the right of the page.
These are blogs that I frequent on a regular basis, and have added on my space so others can find and enjoy them as well. I am not compensated in anyway for adding these... I just really love all of them.

I'll have a real post later...
But for now...

Good Morning!


  1. i like the second one... if you need some visual help, let me know. i think you got the shape of the site coming along nicely.

  2. Hi!!! I think they're great in your sidebar. I'd consider (were I you) putting them on the top right so they're easily accessible, above the other blogs you read (which, btw, thanks for including me!).

    PS> I like the first header best, but hey... I'm just me & always go for the simplicity of design :)

    You're doing an awesome job, Kateri.