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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where have you BEEN?!?!

Well friends, I went away, on a work conference.
I left around 2p on Thursday afternoon, and I didn't get home until 5p Sunday night.

It was an amazing weekend.

The conference was held in Herhsey, PA.. and was just WOMEN. 
I know, that could be good and bad.. right?

But, this was an inspiring weekend, that taught my a lot, and I plan to institute a lot of these lessons into my daily life. Both at home and at work.

I hope some of it sticks.

The darkness seems to try and creep in, when you step more into the light. 
I think it gets jealous honestly.

Well, then Monday came, first day back to work, and I am only here this week until Thursday.
Why is that? Well, Friday is my BIRTHDAY and well, I took the day off...

So, I could prepare for the birthday party!
And, maybe go out to breakfast and eat too much...
But, you know.. more so for the Saturday Birthday Party.

How am I doing with all of that?
I think I am pretty much done with everything...
EXCEPT: Making the favors, and the actual food.
So.. In essence... I think I am okay.

Speaking of: Hold on a moment.


Needed to ask if anyone had label paper, so I can make the labels for the party favors.

And, I need to print out a Baby Cakes direction guide, so I don't totally mess up the cake pops.
That be just AWFUL.

So.. and I also have to do work at work (I know, aren't they mean?)

Then, I've also been training for my 5k on Turkey Day.
I have found a pace that suits me... so if I keep practicing, I should be able to do this thing in under an hour... 45 minutes is my ULTIMATE AWESOME GOAL. 

But, under an hour will work.

I am hoping to do at least 1 post this week about the final party stuff... Maybe Friday night, after I pre cook and pre-decorate....  And 1 post about my journey to maintain... and not completely gorge myself on the weekends...

But, other than that friends, I think this week, I am going to be fairly silent.

There is a lot to do, and not enough time to do it.
I blame work for getting in the way...

So.. Talk amongst yourselves.. Don't leave... I'll be back... sporadically.

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