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Thursday, October 17, 2013

You asked.. I answer!

Thanks Brit for asking me the question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Well, I am going to expand on this answer, and tell you what I, Emry and Klay are going to be (or not going to be) for this Halloween.


Three years running, I am a pink lady. I have the jacket, and the cute 50's style glasses. I was thinking of buying a poodle skirt this year.. but, I am low on funds, due to the EPIC b-day bash, so, that might have to be exchanged with a pair of leather looking leggings... they would be CHEAPER. HA!

I pull my hair in to a high pony-tail, and then I curl the end so it has a Cindy-Lou Who end to it.

It's very cute.


Emry, is going to be, an INFECTED zombie hunter.
We got him the most epic costume at Spirit Halloween.. and we are going to do some blood and latex paint on his face... To look like someone (or something) took a bite out of him. 

He's excited and so am I. 
Because, well, I want to play with Latex paint.. AND.. he's getting out of the "Be a cartoon character" phase. It's awesome. I love it.


Well, he will probably not be dressing up. 
He wears his Ren Faire garb.. but, won't venture out of that... There will never be a COUPLES costume in our future... EVER.... 

The karate moms say he looks like Opie, from Sons of Anarchy... I kind of see it... So, I was thinking we'd pick up a vest and a few patches... and work it out... NOPE... he won't do it.

LOSER. (But, I love him anyway)

I saw this really great NERD costume... so I was thinking I could be a pink lady and he could be like a 50's nerd.. complete with the plaid pants and suspenders... NOPE... won't do that either.... Grease theme? Not in a MILLION years... he's such a LOSER.

We have 3 times to dress up this year. This Saturday, we have a Halloween party at a friend's house. Next Friday, it's a party at the Karate School... Plus, there is a haunted house at the local High School. And then.. Halloween.. OoOoOoOOoOOO

What are you being for Halloween?

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  1. Well... it's funny you should ask... Because my husband and I will be 50's style zombies hahahha. I'll be in a girly, sweetheart type getup while he'll be in a nerdy get up, suspenders and bowtie in hand. I'm sorry your honey won't dress up with you, that's always a bummer! But I love Emry's costume idea! And your's of course.

    When growing up, I had 3, yes 3 Grease themed birthday parties and I always dressed up like a Pink Lady too! hahah my mom was a trooper.