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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - Let me tell you 28 things I am thankful for 

Well, people the day is here! 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

I would like to take a moment to tell you the 28 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.
(why 28? well everyone else is doing 30, and since turkey day falls on the 28th, I figure this is much more appropriate) 

  1.  The way the air smells during the months between fall and winter. The crisp air, with the faint smell of burning wood. It's nostalgic and brings me joy.
  2. Friends who understand and love me... regardless of how eccentric (read: freaking nuts) I am.
  3. How a mug of hot tea can not only physically warm you, but light up your soul.
  4. A stable and steady career; filled with interesting people, amazing fellowship... and regular reflective time with the Almighty.
  5. Internal growth and maturity... Some women hate getting older. I welcome it... it allows me to become more centered.
  6. Emry... without him, everything else wouldn't be as it were. He was the turning point in my life... his birth lit something in me... and has brought me to where I am today.
  7. Crackling fireplaces.... and how we all sit around it, enjoying conversation, instead of vegging out in front of the television.
  8. Exercise, and the fact that I know longer dread doing it. That I have found a piece of me that I never knew existed.
  9. Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Strawberries and Caramel Sauce: I am really thankful for the Chef/Cook that allowed me to make this concoction on my birthday, and thus revealed a new favorite breakfast delicacy!
  10. Love and Friendship that is found all in one person. It's always been right, and he knows it. I am thankful every moment of each day for Klay... and what we have.
  11. Being Deaf in One Ear. I am thankful that I lost my hearing when I was younger... it taught me to listen more closely.. to maintain eye contact when someone is speaking to me, and how to really hear the truth.
  12. My 45 minute (one way) commute to work. Without these moments of individual freedom... I would never be able to fulfill my dream of being the next Voice or American Idol. Singing is something that relieves the stress and makes me truly happy.
  13. Purple Highlighters . . . They make my boring reports all the more colorful and allow me to have "fun" while reviewing!
  14. Overall health.. from  mine, to Klay's, to Emry's, to my dad's... I'm glad we're all healthy.
  15. Laughter.
  16. For the memories that we build each day. For so long, I thought that I would not have anything special or important to remember. Now, Emry, Klay and I.. are making this wonderful life together... with fantastic memories.
  17. Local Grown Fruits and Veggies... That have shown me how awful store bought produce can be, and why we need to support all local businesses.. whether it be boutiques or farms.
  18. L.L Bean Slippers... Hideous as they are.. I am thankful for the people who created them.. they keep my toesies so WARM!
  19. Being able to live comfortably... without fear.
  20. For a kitchen that allows me to cook for those I love.
  21. Seeing beauty and grace in odd places....
  22. Blogging, and all the wonderful things it has brought into my life.
  23. Indiana Popcorn Company - for they make the most amazing chocolate covered kettle corn.
  24. Pictures, and cameras... So that we can capture all the interesting happenings in our world!
  25. My family. Even though some of them are far away, and I don't get to see them as much as I would like... I am thankful for who they are, and how our bond transcends.
  26. Books... and Poetry
  27. Hot Baths...
  28. Positivity, Light... and striving for it each day of this journey we call life... The ability to see all of the positivity and light through the darkness.... 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I hope you all enjoy your day.


  1. Nice list of thankful things. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in northern Arizona in the snow. I hope your day was happy and fun.

  2. I love this list. I got an LLBean catalog the other day, so I might have to flip the pages to find those slippers!!!