People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I found this sad...

I have a friend, who has been single... for a VERY long time. 

She has been patient, hasn't wavered or compromised her standards... And, is always positive when other people are... excited about things going on in their life.

Well, finally, and at just the right moment, she meets this amazing man... 
She is really happy and excited about these things that are going on...

And I am super happy for her.

During our conversation this statement came up:

Aw! I'm excited for you! You have this amazing adventure! And, this guy seems amazing... And it's even COOLER that you're going to all these unique places! I am giddy to HEAR about it!  

Thank's so great to be able to tell somebody this stuff without them getting all...snippy.

I read this and was instantly saddened. 
She isn't one to say something, without their being truth behind it. Thus, someone, she trusted enough to tell about this... Was rude... and probably for jealous reasons, tried to take this happiness away from her. Or jade it in someway. 

I hate that. 

If you knew this person. . . you would know that she is ALWAYS happy for other people... and she really is "Always the bridesmaid and never the bride." 

For her to have this little piece of happiness... this fresh new relationship... and for her to actually let herself delve into it... IS A BIG DEAL.. and anyone who couldn't see that....

Well, isn't a good friend.

Now.. where was I going with this...

OH.. people taking your light.. because they can't make their own.

We all have experienced it... We are over the moon about SOMETHING... ANYTHING... and there's always that ONE person.. that says something, or laughs... Just because... they're jealous. 

They try to demean this amazing new "thing" (relationship, promotion, affirmation, what have you)... because either they:
1) Can't get it
2) Don't want to work as hard
3) Think they deserve it MORE than you do.

So.. instead of being happy for you.. which is the RIGHT thing to do.... they trash it.

It's very immature, It's very ... it's fucking shady. Let's go there.

You should never have people in your life that are trying constantly to bring you down to their darkness. Yes, we all have dark moments, however, we can pull ourselves up... out of it.... 

Now... I give people more chances than they deserve, at least that's what Klay tells me. I have a very forgiving heart.. and I do not know how to write someone off completely. . . . 

But, I think that in this circumstance.. that I would be fully capable of just disassociating with these type of people. 

Why just bring unwanted negativity to your world. 

I can't tell that to my friend though... She, like me, is very forgiving... and has an open heart. 

So... like she probably does for me.. We become the others Cheerleaders... when happiness comes our way... And the shoulder... when the sadness creeps in.

Make sure that you have friends that want you to be the BEST you.
Make sure that you aren't surrounding yourself with people who want to be THE BEST, and BETTER than you. 

That's my thoughts today.... 

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  1. I hate people who can't be happy for others. Why? It takes them more energy to make a fuss or think of something rude than to just smile and say, "I'm happy for you". I've been working on this really hard the last couple of years, just trying to be happy for other people so they can tell me all their good news and not be judged.