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Friday, November 22, 2013

If I see one more facebook post about..

How wrong it is that people are working on Thanksgiving, and that stores are opening on a "FAMILY HOLIDAY"... I'm going to puke.

Yes. It does suck. I have worked retail... and having to work on a Holiday is NOT fun. Working during the "Yule Tide" Shopping is most definitely not fun.. and Working a Black Friday when 1) you need to grab a few things and you can't because you are stuck at work! and 2) Hate shopping outside of the internet... SUCKS MOST OF ALL.

I agree. It's Sucktastic. 

Now here is where I jump off the bandwagon, and make a couple of new enemies.

Most of the people commenting how wrong this is... Are not retail employees. On Thanksgiving, MOST of these people will be watching the football game from their living room, hanging out with their families, and saying "Oh, but those POOOOOOOOR retail workers" and then after they eat their piece of pumpkin pie.. GO TO THE DAMN STORES AND SHOP

YOU PEOPLE: What is wrong with you?  How are you going to bitch and moan and complain about something that DOESN'T INCLUDE YOU and THEN YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THE REASON IT'S HAPPENING?!?!?! Does it help you to shop on the holiday? Will you say to the employee you buy that *insert hype item* I think it's awful you're working...

Now the people who do have to work the holiday and are complaining... And by complaining I mean, OVER THE TOP BITCHERY ABOUT HOW SUCKY THEIR LIFE IS AND HOW AWFUL THIS IS... 

YOU PEOPLE: 1) This is the job you are supporting yourself with, if the companies practices bother you so much... WALK.. I'm sure there is someone just WAITING AND BEGGING for a job to work. 2) You CHOSE this job... no one made you fill in the application to retail slavery... 3) What about the gas station attendants, grocery store employees, hotel staff, bus drivers, train conductors.... cabbies.... hospitals, police officers, EMTs ..... etc. etc. etc. What about those people? They still work even if the shopping mall is open or closed. JUST SAYING.

I haven't shopped during during the Black Friday Hype EVER. And you know why? Because, back when retail owned me, I worked 3 black Friday's in a row... And people are INSANE. And for the most part, other than Emry, none of the presents that I buy for people... COME from a retail store. I believe in handmade items, from handmade artisans. I believe in shopping local. And, that's why ETSY and our local artisan town (Sugar Loaf, NY) are amazing places. 
I have a few friends who are retail, and are kind of.. Ho Hum, yeah, well.. It's a job.. but it sucks nonetheless... This post is not directed at them. These are the people who know that FAMILY and BEING THANKFUL happens every day... that just because they can't celebrate on November 28, that they get to celebrate whenever they aren't working and can correlate plans. Turkey's are in the grocery store all year long... and these people know that a hug from their loved ones... and just getting to be with them.. IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT. 

 If you want to shop.. go shop... That's why they're open.. because people everyone likes a good deal. If you are that brave... GO FOR IT. But, don't be "THAT GUY" who says how wrong it is while giving the Checkout person your credit card. 

If you don't want to shop... still don't bitch about how wrong it is.. It doesn't help that the people are STILL in there WORKING their butts off. Don't waste your energy. 

If this offends you in any way shape of form... leave the comment below... I love a good debate.


Vent over


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  1. You know what is really sad about black friday among many reasons of violence is the fact that I saw several people after 2am with little babies. They looked so tired and they were crying. Selfish ass parents. People get crazy for a good deal man. Even their poor children have to suffer.