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Friday, November 15, 2013

Internet Etiquette: When is posting TOO much?

It's no news that I am an active internet user, and other than you guys... I run a private facebook page, that is really for my family and very close friends. I am such a loser very private, so I only have about 78 friends.

Some of my family lives in Tennessee, and we never get to see them SO... I post a lot of pictures. This allows for them to see our family.. and keep up with us. They do the same thing... It's kind of our way of not losing touch. 

I have also been very verbal on facebook recently... truth of the matter is, I am becoming addicted again, and may need to swear off Facebook for my New Years Resolution.. Or at least to only checking in once a day... instead of multiple times an hour... **sighs** But, I digress....

By now, I hope you have seen the post about Carl McBungles , and the fun I have been having with it. 

Well, obviously, I have offended one of my closer friends... or have been posting too many pictures of my son (I know, the horror!)... because I got a very interesting comment today... 

Please note the box in red...


It took me a couple of reads before I understood what was being said... But, down to brass tax... I live on the web, and my son is growing up on the web.

I'm sorry Miss Thing, who I need to comment is older than my father, Do you want to be the POT or the KETTLE? Are you commenting on my post.. from a social networking site... If I peruse your page right now.. will I not find 20 posts about your political views, healthcare, apples, pictures of the sunset... from the last 24 hours? 

I like the Kettle, I really want to be the Kettle, just saying. 

But, it does raise a very good question, to my other Internet/Blogiverse moms... When is posting about your kids... too much? When does it cross that line? 

For me... It depends what type of social networking we are speaking of.

Here.. in the blogiverse.. where I maintain a pseudo-name... I say, the sky is the limit. This is basically my online Journal, and it's wonderful that I get comments about it.. Because, it helps me not to feel so alone with certain things. 

Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/etc.: There is boundaries.. I do not post everyday about my son, where we are, where we go.... I never "check in" anywhere. I see that as a safety issue for me. But, when I take a cute picture of him... OH MAN... It's getting posted, so the fam in the south can see! And, since they don't get to interact with him, I give a brief description of "Naughty Behavior"... 

It's not like I'm one of those mom's that says "Johnny just sneezed while at Wal*Mart, in the 32nd Aisle." then 20 seconds later "Johnny made this face while in the 33rd aisle"...

Once a week, I dump my photos onto Facebook. I do take a lot. So, weekly lessens the burden. 
I only post extra shots, if something is happening that I think is really special. People have been asking to see "Carl"... So I did a quickie pic of it... 

And, I will admit, I got so many texts about it, there is now a folder on my page dedicated to wear we hide him. Overall my friends and family think this is awesome. 

But, perhaps... 
I could hold back a little...

Perhaps the facebook addiction is seeping a little too far.

I just don't understand why if these things bother her so.. why she had to view it? 

*eye roll*


Does anyone think I am raising my son on the internet? 

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  1. I say... Fuck em. I live on the web as well. It's not everyone's thing, not a problem. But don't judge people. I really work on getting rid of negative energy in my life nowadays