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Friday, November 1, 2013

Light up the Darkness

This quote, comes from the movie, "I Am Legend". Will Smith is trying to explain to another person in the movie, why he won't give up his mission, to fix what was wronged. Yeah, we are talking about zombies... but the premise.. and the words spoken by Bob Marley.. I find them truly inspiring. Every time I see this movie, I am reminded... about the Light, as well as the Darkness.

 We all are sources of Light. On the other hand, we can also be sources of darkness as well. 

The darkness comes from many places: Hurt, Depression, Sadness, Anger, Guilt, Greed, Insecurities, Envy, Addiction, Abuse, etc. The point is.. the darkness comes from Negativity. 

The light it can come from anywhere: Inspiration, Nature, Love, Family, Friends, Exercise, Food, the Wind, the Sky, Kindness of others... ANYWHERE... Positivity is the light.

Recently, I have been noticing that I respond to some people better than others. There is a vibration to them, that agrees with me. An attitude, a mindset.. It's just... feels right to talk, and/or associate with them.

There are others, that I am finding it harder and harder to breach conversations with, for the exact opposite reasons. 

I am going to achieve great things in my life. 
I know I am moving forward.. PUSHING FORWARD.. everyday.
I know life has ups and downs... And I am welcoming the ups and the downs the same. I can achieve anything. I have the ability... I have faith... love... family and friends... I have all the right tools to keep my life spinning in the right way.

Other people, well, they will say they agree and that they institute these principles in their lives or at least try to every day... But, these are also the people I am finding... that... criticize, scrutinize, laugh about... pick at... DEMEAN... a positive way of life. 

Who try to compare you.. Who try to make you think you are "just like them". 
I am not like anyone else.
I am like me.
You are not like anyone else.

We all are special in our own ways.. and we all shine differently.
My way, as awesome as it is (totally modest I KNOW! haha), may not be for you.
It doesn't have to be.
Find your way.. set your goals.. and move forward at your speed.

I fully intend to Light up the Darkness... as much as I can.

I am not perfect, there are days... WE ALL HAVE THEM... where it is harder to find our inner light.. and project it out for others. There are days we have to down right protect it.

There are days where our positivity, our energy, our light.. is so appealing to someone else, because they do not have it.. That they want to take it from you.. From your very core. They will drain you.. In anyway possible.


You already know this answer, and have probably experienced it before.

Have you ever left a conversation with someone feeling EXHAUSTED?
You've been tapped into and drained.. 

 Simple things.. Hugs, conversations, letters, TEXTS, facebook posts... blog posts... LOOKS... These are all ways that people can drain you. And you feel it. 

Be conscious of the negative people in your world. 
Don't completely ignore them.. some people are unconscious of the fact that they are truly a negative person and that they steal your energy. Try to show them the path. Hopefully they will walk on it.

Be conscious of the positive people in your world.
Bring them in closer... We need to stick together. 
The more positivity your live and breath and keep around you.. the more things will physically change.

You'll notice it.

Don't take a break... The darkness sure isn't.

Light up the Dark.

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