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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My daddy loves me...

If you remember, the 2nd pre-race training session did not go as planned.... and left me rather discouraged

Well, because the weather forecast was predicting 19 degree temperatures, I was getting MORE than hesitant about running... 

Enter, DADDY... yes, I am a 29 year old woman, and I will always call me father Daddy.

My father is a very kind and generous man. He could see on my face how discouraged I was, how I was beginning to doubt my capabilities... and that maybe, just maybe this goal wasn't actually attainable... 
And he decides that I need cold gear running stuff, and GOOD stuff too.. because he is certain that this race isn't the end for me... He can see how happy running is making me... and how I am accomplishing a lot more than just miles and times.

Monday night, we went to our local Dick's Sporting Goods, and spent a very long time in the women's running attire section. Seeing what felt good on, seeing what I could layer... what I shouldn't layer... the whole nine yards.

We ended up with a lot of Under Armour products... 
  1. Because they fit the best, without feeling like I was too restricted for movement.
  2. The prices, although not exactly cheap, were fair.. based on what the gear is designed to do. 
  3. Had a range of color options (I'm a girl.. SHOOT ME.. I like to coordinate).
I purchased from their "ColdGear" and "Infared".. This is what I got:

Women’s ColdGear®Infrared Thermo Full ZipHoody 

Women's UA ColdGear®Compression Leggings

UA Ignite Crew Socks

Experia Powered by Thor-Lo Pads Sock - Dick's Sporting Goods

Experia Powered by Thor-Lo Pads Sock

Reebok Men's Performance Running Gloves - Dick's Sporting Goods

Reebok Men's Performance Running Gloves

Under Armour Women's Craze Graphic Winter Headband - Dick's Sporting Goods

Under Armour Women's Craze Graphic Winter Headband

 Now, I didn't want to buy ANY  of this stuff... I knew I had to get pants.. and I was dreading it.. but, of course he insisted... So, over $200 later... This is what I have.

I tried running in the pants on Tuesday, and let me tell you.. They kept my at BOILING temperature in the gym.. so I am sure they can withstand the cold. Oh man.. I think I may use these under my hiking pants when we do winter hiking!

I know my dad purchased these things for me, because, he knows that this is important to me, and that (in his mind) I am going to really get into this running thing..

Am I?
Who knows.. I am taking it one step at a time (no pun intended, well, maybe a little pun).

I know that after the race, I am planning on taking a break from running in general, for at  least a week or two...

My foot/ankle, is feeling much better.. but, I think that resting it after the race, and only doing the stationary bike or even the elliptical.. is a good idea.. I think the constant impact may be a factor with this phantom pain. . . .

The race is tomorrow... and I am getting excited...

Send good thought... send prayers... send positive energy.

I promise.. I will try to at least post the results on Thursday.... if not, Monday morning!

Stay blessed Friends!

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