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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6 - Fall Fancy Follower Fest & New Exciting Journey News!

I found this on Lipgloss and Crayons, and I honestly think it's a great idea.
This blog, as well as all the other blogs I find while perusing, are all about style, decor, fashion, beauty tricks, and some healthy living blogs too!

I am always trying to become more.. "put together" I find that reading most of these blogs have helped me... a little.

Old habits die hard, but, I am starting to see myself in things that are more age appropriate, and work appropriate. Little changes in my wardrobe here and there... But, to others, it's as if I am a "NEW WOMAN"...

Between my almost put together wardrobe, and my new physique... it's like I'm.. COMPLETELY NEW to people.

I have the button on my page, for this event too.. so if you lose this post, you can always find it in the upper left hand corner of my page!

Now.... for the exciting news... 

The 5k is 22 days away, and I am doing really well, and feeling very confident. 
But, that's not the news!

I have a mutual acquaintance, who is a personal trainer... like CRAZY IN SHAPE PERSONAL TRAINER. And she, has taken enough interest in me to make a structured plan JUST FOR ME.


Since I have the basics down, and am just looking to tone up, and lose this doughy part of my stomach, she is making a specialized training program to do so. 

Isn't that PHENOMENAL?

Even better... I will see better results in half the daily workout time I usually do. And will only be doing this 4 days a week. 

More results? More Work? LESS TIME? 

Sounds Win-Win to me! What do you think.

I probably will start this on Friday, and will take a STARTING picture... and then every 2 weeks (which is the plans she is making for me.. yup, 2 weeks of training, then a different set of workouts... All this work, just for little ol' me? I like this chick.. I'm going to buy her a present! seriously, I am considering.. what do you buy a personal trainer? hmm I am off topic) take another picture to show the progression....

I am super excited to start this new part of my Healthy Journey. Who would have thought this possible? Not me!

February 2013 at about 180 pounds... to August at 130 pounds... to now maintaining the 130 pounds, and now training for a 5k and getting specialized help from a personal trainer!

This is amazing. I feel truly blessed!

Also! I have found the most amazing, ab workout, it takes almost no time at all.. to start... and builds gradually over a 24 day period (on every 4th day, you even get a break!) Do you want to see it? 

Photo: Let's get it ladies!!!!! :-) #fit #abs #allme #getright #sixpack

Gia, my coworker, who has lost more than 20 pounds... is doing this with me. We are coaching each other, because we know, that by day 8.... we're going to NEED it.

Today will be DAY 3. Who wants to JOIN?!?!?!


  1. I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well with your training! Go You!!!!

  2. seriously, you're a rockstar. SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU. can't wait to see the photos and all the progress you make :) i want to see a before BEFORE photo too :)