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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pre Race Training is PURE awesomeness

This Sunday, I participated in the pre-race training session that was being provided by our local runners club.

And, I met a really nice woman named "Alaine"... and she runs at my pace.

And what pace is that?

Each mile took us 10m 42s and that gave us a course time of 33m 15s.  
In case you guys haven't been keeping track . .. THAT IS MY BEST TIME YET.

The president of the runners club, and 4 other people were "chit chatting" at 9 minute miles... I found that amazing... 

But, when they finished up, they came back for Alaine and I, (who were not the last people, there were some walkers as well...) and Mr. Running President gave me some pointers about my form and how to push up the hills... It was really great. So positive! 

The race is 10 days away and I am starting to really freak out! With Excitement, With Nerves, With Nausea!!!!

My foot/ankle isn't getting worse, but it certainly isn't getting much better. I am not running every day... I am limiting that training, even though mentally I am like "GO GO GO RUN RUN RUN". 
I know I can do it. I know I can do a good time, for a first time 5k.. And that is ALL that matters.
I will not hurt myself before this. I want to do this, and honestly I need to do this.

This is FOR me... and it's one of those milestones that I can say "I did this."

Now, back to the pure awesomness of pre-race training.

After we had finished, we were standing around and chatting... And, I was asked if I would like to join the local running club, and how there are people within the group who are at my pace, and others who run a great deal faster.. but, it will give me the inspiration and ability to run with people of all walks (no pun intended) of life. And perhaps hone my skill. 

For someone who used to HATE running... I find it pretty enjoyable now. 

There's another race... 4.3 miles (how many K is that? a 7k? am I close) and it's called the JINGLE JOG. How cute is that? It is exactly one week after I run the Turkey Trot. Depending on how my ankle is, I am considering this... It's a little over a mile more than I run already... And, if it isn't too much to sign up for (So late in the game).. I think I would really enjoy this! 

We'll see. But, I am now getting really into the SPIRIT of the RACE!


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  1. You're so awesome. Can't believe it's getting this close already! You've come so far :)