People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I have been sitting here staring at the blank blog post template for about 20 minutes, and I really have absolutely NOTHING to say... And, we all know me, that's a pretty big deal.

I can tell you how I am dong amazing runs, and workouts today...
I can tell you how, even though I was sweating like a sinner in church, I enjoyed every moment. 

But, I just feel: SLEEPY.

I don't feel like typing, or working... I really could just crawl up into my work chair, and cover myself with my big sweater... and nap.

I can't figure out what I am so tired.

The only thing different today, from any other day.. was my choice of breakfast.

My friend over at Baking in my Bathing Suit, wrote a post yesterday about OATMEAL.. and it made me really want it...

So I made myself some, and spiced it up with some Cinnammon, 1/2 tsp of caramel sauce and 1/2 tsp of dark chocolate syrup.. You know, for sweetness. 

And boy was it warm, comforting, and tasty. . . .

That shouldn't make me tired.

Aw well... anyway...

I really got nothing to share...

Anyone else?


  1. That's when I write poetry ;)

  2. Sometimes I am right there with ya! That mixture of awesomeness in your oatmeal sounds great!!!