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Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome - Carl McBungles our EBP

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I was giving in, so to speak, and getting Emry an "Elf on the Shelf". However I wanted him to be a little more menacing than the cutie patootie one that you get in the stores.

Also: I didn't want to spend $30 on this tiny bendable elf... This mama is a frugal shopper. After perusing Etsy... I found one, he was perfect... and kind of freaky... However, my bubble was shot from the air.. when they Artist, basically marked it up by 25% just to BEND HIS LEGS INTO A SITTING POSITION... Uhm.... No lady.. Sorry... I don't love him that much.

So, what was a Mom to do? Well... I walked around the Christmas Tree shop and a lightbulb went off... I found him.. He is creepy, without inducing seizures or nightmares... bendable... and $6.. Yes you heard me right.. SIX FREAKING DOLLARS. Sold!

We named him Carl McBungles, and he is Emry's EBP - Elf Behavioral Partner. A NNB (Notice of Naughty Behavior) was dropped of magically at our house, and we started... 

Upon reading the Notice of Naughty Behavior.. Emry was shaking. Literally, I had to help him steady the paper... so I could help him read it. But, that night... he took an amazing bath, without problems... And the next morning didn't give Klay any grief, followed by 2 nights of drama free after school time. I say this thing is working. THANK GOODNESS.

Yes, I know it's early.. but, the kicker is, and most of the other moms have jumped on this with me. If the elf comes early... You obviously have a LOT of 'splaining to do. 

We are on Day 3 of moving this elf around the house... I haven't taken a picture of his Third Position.. because I try to do it when Emry isn't looking.. I don't want him getting any ideas that I (or Klay) have anything to do with this. 

Day 1 - on the big reveal, we hid him above the refrigerator, just poking out of the cupboards.

Day 2 - he is peeking out from over the top of the Entertainment Center.

We will have 1 month and 8 days to go.. I plan on Carl disappearing for Xmas Eve. . . And leaving Emry a present, along with his copy of a triplicate formed comment card to Santa. Insuring that Nice Status has been reached... I plan on doing one of those "Night Before Xmas Boxes"... With the footie PJ's, hot cocoa mix, popcorn, and a movie or something... I thought that be super cute.

But, what do you guys think? Is it a good elf?

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