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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The 8,000,000 calories of Christmas: Office Edition

For those of you who do not know, I work in a pseudo corporate office, for a Nonprofit Christian Organization. We take Christmas very seriously here. 

For the record, every department does "Fellowship Treats" all month long. What are "Fellowship Treats", you ask! Well, everyone in the department signs up on a particular day from December 1st through December 31st, and they provide goodies for their co-workers. 

Now, what you should be reading here is: There is a lot of food temptation. Carbs galore, cheese, meats, fat fat fat fat fat, cookies... etc. It is very hard for anyone, even the most disciplined to survive this month without gaining a few pounds.

I, for one, am very scared. I am a food junkie, I know I am... I know that once I start eating, I continue to eat... I know that I have a hard time saying no... I know that I have a hard time stopping. 

So, I devised a plan: I would bring in a TON of healthy options, and instead of eating the deliciousness crap, I would instead snack on fruits, veggies and lean proteins. 

This week, I brought a Gallon Sized Ziplock bag filled with Veggie Sticks. I have zucchini, cucumber, celery, carrots and Red Peppers. I bring a giant apple with me each day, and I have an entire container of hummus. In the mornings, I bring a glass of almond milk, and depending on what the Breakfast Treat is, I bring oatmeal. 

How has this plan gone? Well, this week... not so good. Well, let me be really honest. Monday went GREAT. I stuck to the plan, and was not tempted. Tuesday, my car EXPLODED (there will be an entire post on this), so I was stuck at home and the dealership... so, eating healthy was... Stalled. Wednesday, started out great.. but then, after me and a few co-workers took a volunteer trip to a local Nursing Home (there will be an entire post on this as well), we stopped at Chili's, and I may have had a Lunch Chicken Fajita Combo with Chili... and then when we got back to the office, I may have overheard a conversation about Peanut Butter Pie.. and then proceeded (hypothetically) to eat two HUGE servings of it. So... Wednesday was another wash...

So here I am today, Thursday... and I hear the following: "I bought 3 fresh baked loaves of bread for ROCKLAND BAKERY, then Major StickupButt (really, not her name) made Minced Meat PIES, and pumpkin bread, and cranberry walnut bread... and we made TWO type of SOUPS" 

I instantly started pounding my vegetables... Seriously, no joke... After a PLATE of veggies and a CUP of almond milk, I still find myself going in and out of our break room... And I'm at WAR with myself. So, since I knew I was going to succumb, I ran to the refrigerator and grabbed my gigantic apple.

The goal of this Christmas Holiday is not to GAIN weight. I don't care if I lose any.... but I will not go above my 5 pound cushion of 135 pounds. It is NOT happening. I have been weighing myself weekly, and I have been able to keep between 130 and 135 consistently.. some weeks better than others... But, with 18 days left of "Fellowship Treats".... I feel like there is this GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN in front of me... and that it will be impossible to conquer. 

What is even worse, is that 2 of those 18 days are Office Parties. Which means that I will not be able to bring my own food... And, our company... well... We are EATERS.. let's just say it that way!

The goal is NEXT week, to do better. There will be no car disasters, and no volunteer day.... so, I think I should be able to keep on track better. 

I know with my mindset, I should be fine... But, I love food. I love home cooked food... and, I don't want to seem like the ungrateful coworker for not participating. You know?

You might be asking yourself, "What are you making on your "Fellowship Treat" day?"

That is a good question, and you are going to hate this. Because it goes against all of the above writing.

I plan on doing a Breakfast Item, Lunch Item, and Dessert Item.
Breakfast: Klay will be making his AMAZING SCONES. They are usually apple cinnamon with maple sugar icing. He makes these from scratch, and they are ADDICTIVE. 
Lunch: I am going to make Chicken Fajitas. Now, this in the basics, is not an unhealthy thing. Lean Chicken Chunks with peppers and onions? Not awful! Now, once we add the tortillas and cheese to this.. well, that's when things get CRAZY
Dessert: Cake Pops. I'm making 50-80 Cherry Chip Cake Pops coated in Dark Chocolate. I am also going to see if I can inject some fruit filling into them. I know, this is a HORRIBLE idea.. because they are tooo tasty. But, I want to give a nice spread!

Also on this day, Karissa signed up with me. I should have put a line through the entire day so she couldn't... But, whatever, I am going to make up a sign to show what I provided, and we'll see what she brings. Last year, we were supposed to do this "together" and at the last minute, she bailed, and I didn't have enough food to feed everyone. I was very embarrassed... she could care less. One of the many reasons that I have (very maturely, mind you) backed away from this person. I don't like negativity and two-face behavior. Just saying. 

My day is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 2013. 

Also: during this month, I promised Emry that we would make Holiday Cookies for his entire class. We are going to make classic Sugar Cookies, and I bought a bunch of nifty cutters. They will be dipped in different types of chocolate and decorated with icing and colored chocolates. 
(So, you know that I'm going to eat more than a few of those). 

Christmas is a hard holiday... 

Just got to stick to the code... 

I probably will be writing a lot of posts about how this is going, and how much I hate it... But, writing is very therapeutic... It will keep me away from the food... Right?

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