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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Day my car Exploded.

Well, I guess "exploded" is misleading... you read that word and you instantly think of fire and flames... There were none of these things.. However, the car is down for the count.

This started about oh... a month or so ago. My car was starting to shudder upon acceleration. My mechanic looked into it, and well, it turned out that there was something up with my transmission. Since my car is under 36,000 miles, anything internal is covered by my manufacturers warranty. So, my mechanic said... GO GET THIS FIXED FOR FREE! (He's a good guy, took a hit and sent me to the dealership....) 

I go to the dealership, that took 4 freaking hours to diagnose the exact problem. It came down to 2 seals in my transmission were cracked. BUT: the parts are on back order (since this is happening a lot with my current make/model/year car). The parts were 6 weeks out. However, the dealership assured me my vehicle was safe to drive, that I would not do any additional damage, and that it would make it 6 weeks... 

Let's go to this past Tuesday. I wake up, I am running late, and I do not have enough gas to get me to work.. so I planned on stopping down the highway and fueling up. I was about 15 minutes from home when... 

SHUDDER SHUDDER STALL. car turns off... All of the dashboard lights illuminated... I coast to the side of the road, and begin to CURSE.. I mean, like a sailor, truck drivers would have been SHOCKED. 

It is 5:45a... The dealership isn't opened for another 2 hours... my mechanic is still asleep... And I am definitely not making it in to work for my exercise... Let alone to do my job. 

I begin to talk to my car. I turn it off, and start rubbing the steering wheel. Because that works.. RIGHT? 
"Hey, there, I can tell you aren't feeling well today, and I completely get that. But, if you could just turn on... and allow me to drive 2 minutes up the street to the Diner... I will sit there until the dealership opens, and then we will get you fixed.. Mmmmkay?" sit there for a minute and continue to rub the dashboard. Praying like mad. I turn on the car, the engine starts... I squeal, and proceed to slowly get off the next exit, and up the hill to the diner. 

God was with me, definitely. The Diner is uphill from the Dealership.. I just had to COAST my way down. I called the dealership when I was safe in the warm diner... Instructing them to call me immediately.. that there was something really wrong with the car. 

8a hits (Do the math, 2 hours of waiting)... No call from the dealership, that opened at 7:30a. I definitely used the word STRANDED in my message. So, I prayed over the dashboard again.. and coasted into the dealership parking lot. 

My car is just about a year old. This isn't supposed to happen. LIKE AT ALL. 

The same service attendant saw me, and didn't seem happy to see me. They took the car right in... much to my surprise... and about 45 minutes later... He came out to me with a set of unfamiliar keys. 

They had to give me a loaner car... INDEFINITELY. 
The mechanic at the dealership discovered that my catalytic converter has gone defective, ON TOP of the problems with me transmission, and THAT part is ALSO back ordered. case you aren't reading between the lines: the 2013 Ford Fiesta... is a LEMON. And Ford will probably recall the entire engine and swap it ANY TIME now. 

Ford is paying for everything...

But, until these parts come in... I am the proud new driver of a SUPED UP 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback.'s speedy, and the engine is 10000% beefier than mine... However, it is HALF the size. There is four seats.. and four doors... But, Clowns would be more comfortable than Emry and I. *SIGHS* Pickers can't be choosy. I am appreciative to be able to get to work... I am appreciative for the vehicle...

I just hope that I get my car back.. oh... by the new year? That be lovely.. right?!

So, there were no flames... the car didn't turn into a billowing fire ball.... It just... STOPPED. 

And it completely stinks.


  1. oh dang! what a stinky ordeal. i love the focus though... so fun!

  2. OH NO! SO glad that no one was hurt. And that you were able to get a loaner....even if it is more like a match box car than a real car. :P

  3. Ahhhhhh speaking of dealerships and cars hopefully I come through with my own goal this year and finally buy me my very own first car! I think my non smoking journey will be a lot more challenging though. Bah!

  4. Pretty informative article and I learned a lot from your experience. Thank you Kateri for sharing. I'm soon going to buy one of the most expensive cars for myself. I hope that won't explode as did yours. :) Just kidding. Be healthy and safe!

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