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Friday, August 30, 2013

This is the day you PRAY for me

Camp is closed today, for some state walk through/employee orientation day... SOOOO

Introducing, my monkey, Emry... Who is now sitting in my office... watching movies on my laptop.. with enough munchkins, chips & salsa, apple and Apple Juice... to last him until.. Oh god, I hope all day.

I plan on taking him to White Castles for lunch... Just to get him out of the building.

I packed a COOLER worth of stuff this morning... Just so he would be adequately fed... and interested.

There are work books and 5 different movies.... that he can watch. I was trying to see if I could log him on the internet.. but, alas, I could not... People just don't let you MOOCH their wireless signal anymore. And that's a sad sad thing.

Oh well.

So, today, I am going to try and keep him as quiet as possible. 

So.. THIS is the day you PRAY for me... and him....

Have a Great Friday Everyone!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

20 minutes worth of situps - Holy Crap

I had an interesting day yesterday.

Yesterday was our company picnic, and I flew solo. Kiddo had a field trip and the Man had to work... no biggie.

I knew I had a couple of hours to kill before the picnic started, so I went to the gym. Work was closed, but the building was open... so, stands to reason... The gym would be a good idea.

50 minutes of a workout... and then a glorious long time to get ready and doll up (as much as I can DOLL up) for the picnic.

I had a banana for breakfast, just because it was fast. I packed a pear with me for a snack at the picnic. My lunch was reasonable... a piece of (what I thought was) grilled chicken (turned out to be deep fried, and totally upset my stomach) and salad. A friend and I split a small handful of french fries (also deep fried, I'm guessing the oil is what really did it to me... ugh).....

I had my pear... I had a slice of watermelon...
Not a complete awful PICNIC... I was proud of myself.

I got home early, which meant I could pick up my monster early from camp.
I did some house cleaning...

And then...
My stomach lurched, and the deep fried food got to me.

So for dinner, I tried to keep it super light, a couple pieces of fruit... Nothing crazy... A peach, a nectarine, 1/4 of a mango...

My stomach settled, pretty boring day...

Karate class was basically cancelled due to the moving up ceremony for the Emry's Sensei.

There was a party.
Party = Cake, Brownies, Streudel....

My name is Kat, and I can't say no to dark chocolate brownies, fresh baked cake or streudel.

So what did I do? I had a few (READ: A LOT) of dessert.

So, because my day was really light, I wasn't too scared... but, I was still going to do my normal night routine...
2. Hip rolls
But, then, because I can't actually see the clock, I winded up doing 20 minutes of sit ups. . . Holy crap.

Let me be a little more clear about this.
I did 205 situps, 205 russian twists, 240 crunches, and 2 full minutes of "Hip Rolls" (I have also heard them called "London Bridges")

This is all because I couldn't see the clock, so I didn't have an idea that I was doing more than 5 minutes of each type of Ab exercise.

Do the math 650 types of "sit ups" in 18 minutes... and 2 full minutes of a Pilates Exercise that makes you want to cry by 1 minute 15 seconds in...

This morning....
I woke up, and weighed myself...

Scale didn't budge UP... or DOWN....

So either, the grease from the chicken/fries made me SO regular (READ: really POOPY) that nothing STUCK to me...

OR.... The best way to fix a carb loaded dessert binge is 20 minutes of straight ab exercises...

I'm not sure I want to find out again. . .

NOTE TO SELF: Heat up heating pack for my abs... they are not happy with me.. But OH BOY how cute does my butt look today. Sorry, had to share that thought.

How was your day yesterday?

I missed HUMP day!

I missed a Hump Day Post So HERE YOU GO.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I've tried...

I've tried to write a post all morning.. the words just won't flow...

I keep pretending that facebook will give me inspiration...

I know I'm lying to myself... I'm just using it to zone out.

I wasn't up particularly late...
My night wasn't SUPER crazy...

But, still, I am UTTERLY exhausted.
And with that exhaustion comes... *cricket cricket* Absolutely NOTHING.

I could tell you about my other birthday planning ideas... But, I want to save them for motivated posts!

I could give you an update on the FAVORS... in which I will be making them.
I have even been DONATED the baby food jars that I will use for the "S'mores."

I even thought of doing two different flavors: S'mores and Apple Crisp!

The apple crisp could be achieved with Apple Cinammon Granola, Caramel Chips, and Marshmallow...

I'm thinking of making little tags to hang on them with a cute poem.

I keep tossing around "Two Spoonfuls of Yummy Just For You." And then, I lose it...

Then on the back I could put basic "heating instructions"

1) Take off metal lid
2) Microwave at 50% for 20 seconds
3) Be careful taking it out, it will probably burn your flesh off.... (something nicer though).
4) Let it cool, just a little
5) Stir and Enjoy

I think I should be able to accomplish this on the cheap.
So.. that's cool...

But that's the only update I have.

I could tell you about how much I wish I could wrap myself in a blanket and take a nap...
But, I won't... because thinking about napping... makes me WANT to nap.


Just don't have it today.

Tell me about your day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Party Planning Post #2: To Favor or Not to Favor...That is the question

I am turning 29... not 9...

But, why is it that I feel that I need a party favor?

I went looking for "Adult Birthday Party Favors" and let's just say... I really should have erased that blonde moment from my head.. before it even got there... The results were... Well, what you expect, if you were THINKING straight. 

But, I was thinking, that I should have something to send people home with... Something to say "Thank you for coming!" ..... And, I really couldn't come up with anything.


I saw the above picture and thought.. Hey that's different, and people would love it... But... is it personal enough? *sighs* I guess it's not...

But, then... I saw this...

How to make S'mores in a jar
found it here
And I thought, this would be a fun thing... and I could keep them in the fridge until people started to disperse... and print a little label on the back with instructions of how to cook! I thought that could be something... 

Or I could just make an awesome trail mix, and fill baby food jars... print my own labels... tie with pretty ribbon... Hmmm

But, is it too immature to have a favor at an adult birthday party? I don't know.. I just know I want to do it...

What do you think? Should I?

What kind of favor would you like to receive from a party?

Ever heard of a social binge drinker? well, I'm a social binge eater.

A social drinker is one who indulges some (or a lot) when in a social setting. A bar, a dinner, a party... etc. etc.

I am a social eater. 
I am very focused and disciplined... unless... I am in front of a lot of food. Then... I am in a whole LOT of trouble.


We were supposed to have 2 karate moms (with children) over for dinner, and then the kids were going to play outside... No big deal. I'd make pizza for the adults (I'd pair it with salad, so I could eat a LOT of that) and what kid doesn't like chicken nuggets and french fries. This was no big deal, I could handle this....  
Low and behold... drama ensued.. and my favorite karate family was coming home a day early from vacation.. and if I didn't invite them... the 2 other karate moms would have made an issue.

So.. I invited the 2 parents and daughter to come to our little shindig...

This took the head count from 7 people to 10 people... 

Being Sicilian, it is in my blood to feed people. I instantly didn't think I had enough food to feed 10 people. I was probably wrong. I went out, and I bought chips and dips and a large Italian sub. 

Then it happened... while cutting the Italian Sub into individual portions...

My stomach and my brain... Well, they had this epic battle... and my stomach won... AND MY BRAIN WENT AWOL.

Let me describe this epic battle. 

I was cutting the sandwiches into individual slices, when I got to the end of the sandwich.. it was "small" (read: smaller than the other pieces).. and my stomach said to my brain "Hey, you should eat that, no one likes eating the ENDS of the sandwiches. It's SMALL, no biggie..." 

My brain KNEW this was BS. And tried to fight back, "No. We ate lunch, and we do not need all the meat and cheese and oil and mayo that is on this BIG end of the sandwich. And, it's a huge hero... everyone LOVES a huge hero."

My stomach persisted, "If everyone loves a huge hero, why aren't you having a piece then?" 

My brain was speechless... I ate the end of the sandwich.

Then, while waiting for people to arrive, I had a couple chips, and small scoops of dip... 

I had a glass of wine while talking with people.

I had another piece of the hero, a slice of pizza, a few chicken nuggets, and fries... I had 2 s'mores and a cookie.. and an OREO CHEESECAKE POP (brought by one of the moms.) 

My name is Kat, and I am a social over eater. 

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling gross... I binged.. It happens, I'm not off the wagon... I looked at myself and said.. THIS IS NO BIG DEAL, you will walk it off while at the Faire today... and you will eat normally tonight... THIS IS NO BIG DEAL.

I was   good at fair, I had one chocolate covered strawberry, that someone gave me. I had no desire to eat any of the fair food.. .I felt strong... 

We got home, and had to get showered and changed for a cook out. I grabbed a watermelon, and my seltzer water. I was determined to behave. I knew there was clams... and how many I could have, and what I was going to allow myself to eat.

I got to the cook out, and the epic battle between brain and stomach began again.

And I ... I let my stomach win, again.

I won't go into details... but, once again... I realized that

My name is Kat, and I am a social over eater.

I spent Sunday at home with Emry, no fair... He was exhausted, and so was I.
And, not to mention.. thoroughly disappointed in myself.

THESE THINGS HAPPEN. I need to know they will happen.
The important thing is that I get back up, dust myself off, and get back on the DAMN HORSE (so to speak). 

I woke up this morning... 3.6 pounds heavier than I was on Friday morning. 
It is NOT awful.. It is NOT the end of the world. I will just keep up my routine, and not deviate.

It's the summer, it's Faire season, and it's right when everyone is trying to pack in their parties and hang outs before all of our kids go back to school.. and our lives are... so much SMALLER and less COLORFUL...

I need to be accountable. 
I need to know where I want to be...
And what I need to do to get back there...
I need to know, that I will go up... But, that I will also go RIGHT BACK DOWN... 

I need to keep in mind that this Social Binge Eating, could become a problem.
A serious one.
And that I need to start to be better prepared for these things.
I need to learn how to be a smarter party eater.

It's all about moderation.
It's all about learning your boundaries...
But, it's more about SETTING the boundaries more FIRMLY when you are in a situation when you feel you are at your weakest.

This weekend was a lesson.
Now, I'm going to do the homework... and figure out how to never let it go THIS far again.

What about you?
When do you find your eating habits are there worst?
How do you prepare yourself?
What tricks do you have?

Our week in food...

The past couple of weeks have called for SOUP.

Low 'N Slow Mushroom Barley Soup Recipe

This week, I went a little bold and made Beef & Mushroom Barley Soup.

Let me give you some ingredients, and some directions!

  • 1 pound ground beef (80/20 lean)
  • 1/4 cup pearl barley 
  • 1 cup boiling water 
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 1 stalk celery, finely chopped 
  • 1 stalk celery, finely chopped 
  • 6 cups white mushrooms, halved if large 
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced 
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste  
  • 6 cups beef stock 
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano 
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • Dash of mesquite seasoning (or liquid smoke)
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce   
  1. Combine pearl barley and boiling water in a bowl; set aside to soak for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat canola oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook and stir onion, celery, and carrot in hot oil until softened, 5 to 7 minutes.
  3. Stir mushrooms into the onion mixture; cook and stir until softened and brown, about 5 minutes.
  4. Remove veggies from pan, add ground beef and brown. 
  5. Take Veggies and Ground Beef and place in a SLOW COOKER on LOW/WARM.
  6. Drain the barley, discarding any remaining water from soaking. Stir the barley into the mushroom/meat mixture.
  7. Stir the garlic and tomato paste into the mixture, stir until combined, then pour the beef stock into the slow cooker. Season with the oregano, salt, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce and mesquite seasoning.
  8. Cook in slow cooker about 1-3 hours, until all flavors meld together.

Nutritional Information - per 1/2 cup serving.
Calories: 235
Fat (g): 13.2
Carbs (g): 9.9
Protein (g): 18.9

I will be pairing this with a side salad... or maybe even some low carb bread for dunking... 

What is on your menu this week?