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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Healthy Halloween... riiighhhht

Bloody Hand Sandwiches Recipe 

There was this thing I read... that Halloween can be a "Healthy day too"... And, I am not sure I exactly agree with that.

I mean... Yeah, don't break the bank... don't make yourself SICK.. but.. 


I am very dedicated to eating right.. to keeping healthy things in my house... and to show Emry what a healthy diet looks like...

But, that doesn't mean we don't have cookies or fruit snacks hiding in our cupboards.
It doesn't mean that I will not bring not one, but 2, pillowcases with me tonight, so he can get as much candy as he wants... 

And, it sure as heck doesn't mean that I am going to eat NO CANDY AT ALL... 

Where do we draw the line between a Healthy Lifestyle... and NO LIFE? 

I mean, today, for instances, I sent Emry in with the goodie bags that I made for his class... 
There is no Halloween party.. but still, I made them, and they are getting passed out. No if ands or butts about it. 

There is also no costumes today... He's in FIRST GRADE... seriously? No Costumes? Today was PAJAMA DAY... so, you know I sent him in his Happy Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pajama Pants, and an epic ZOMBIE T-shirt. Right? 

I understand the hassle of getting kids in and out of their costumes. I understand the fact that this is an ordinary day and there is school work to do.. But, DAMN... WHEN DID WE BECOME SO RIGID as a society that we can't let kids enjoy this day?

My Christian Corporate office... did Trick or Treating.. AND MOST OF US dressed up. Yeah, I had to bring a change of clothes for when we go to the Employee Recognition Luncheon... But STILL.. EVEN HERE... the spirit of Halloween was alive.

So I am proud to say:

TODAY IS HALLOWEEN... AND I'M GOING TO EAT CANDY, SALTY SNACKS, POPCORN BALLS... SEVERED HANDWICHES.. And whatever gruesome things that come across my path.

Enjoy your day people...


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Success! and a Bump... Literally

This morning, I accomplished my ultimate running goal. A 12 minute mile and a 5k running time of 38 minutes and 24 seconds. In my head, I do not need to push my time any further, I need to maintain this, and strive to have this time for the race on Thanksgiving.

I've been keeping a running total, and each week, I am running about 25 miles. That's pretty epic. 

And, it wasn't as hard to do as I thought. I really just kept upping my time on the treadmill... Kept trying to find my rhythm.. It's about listening to your body, and feeling when it is ready to take on more. I keep tossing up the treadmill workouts, different intensity settings... different exercise modes. What built up my endurance the most... was doing the HILL setting. The random setting is good, but, the hill setting really tests your legs... it really tests your ability to push forward. Because at one point, your calves are screaming, and you get that weird feeling in your ribs... right below your under arm area... And the treadmill decides that it wants to go from a 0 incline to a 9 incline.. just like that... But you keep going... For several reasons:
  1. You can't stop.. you'll fly off the machine
  2. Hitting the pause or cool down button is NOT an option once I've started this.
 This week the one thing I have noticed, and I think it comes down to the tightness of my sneakers or perhaps the shape... I am getting a weird bump, on the dorsum (read: TOP) of my foot... it's a ridge.. And it does kind of hurt... depending on the pressure my shoes are putting on it...

The Massage Therapist in me thinks: Dorsal Exostosis... or even the milder Lace Bite... I tried wearing shoes today that do not lace at the foot (IE: I just had to wear my cute furry boots, for medical reasons). I am also keeping my foot and ankle relaxed... limp even... just so I don't build up any additional tension.

If the problem persists and doesn't seem to get better.. yes, I will see my doctor... but right now.. I think it's that I've been over tightening my sneaks...

The Pharmacy Technician in me has already thought of the OTC linaments I can use... The pharm tech and the massage therapist will converse... and usually if there is discomfort, it is either Tiger Balm or Topricin... And to pick between the two is easy... it's whatever one I find first. *smiles*

What about you guys?
What fitness goals have you set?
Have you ever gotten an injury while working out? If so, how did you keep active without aggravating it?
Have you ever achieved a major exercise/fitness goal? How did you celebrate?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He's 6 . . . . Not 16 . . . .

This is my son, Emry. He is six years old, and as his mother, I need to remember this. I usually write posts about how great he's doing, how funny he is.. or what horrible... hmmm, "Horrible" things he has done. But, I never really tell you about him... as a person... 
He is a wonderful person. Ever since I can remember, that kid has had a huge goofy grin. A grin that even he was crying or complaining moments earlier, can just instantly come across his face... It's infectious... and special. 

He has personality, and isn't afraid to show it to you.  And, of course, there are times when all of **THIS** is overwhelming. But, I think on a whole the kid is meant for great things. He is unafraid to bust a move in public, to make a silly voice... to voice any opinion he has... or to just be excited. As a whole, society thinks that children who are "excitable" are a problem. Even though I do not agree with this on the whole... There are sometimes that I think his excitement is reprehensible. That's wrong of me: He's 6.... Not 16... He's supposed to still be really excited about the world. We lose that as we get older... well, some of us do.... Some of us rarely find our way back to loving life... and all it's experiences. 

He will try just about anything. This past weekend, we took him to see the original "Phantom of the Opera"... this was a SILENT movie. I had to read most of the text boxes to him... But, he was totally up to see how people used to watch movies. He was also really happy to see a huge organ and here it accompany the movie. I need to note, that he was the only small child in the audience. The theater wasn't exactly packed, but of the... oh 40 people... He was the only child. He sat and he watched.. My favorite part of this, is that he didn't understand why everyone (especially the actress playing Christine Daae) was afraid of the man behind the mask. I tried to explain that his ugliness was scary... And I swear, he looked up at me and asked "What's wrong with it?" 
This brings me to another great thing about Emry. He doesn't see the ugliness... or obesity... darkness or the imperfections that society sees. Yes, he's still 6, but, we should all have this mindset... All he sees is people... Places... He always wants to know how to fix it, or why it couldn't be fixed... This question covers topics from abandoned buildings/homes to sick/dying people.... He is such a positive kid, he thinks everything can be fixed.... These questions usually end with me getting frustrated with the "But what if...." replies that come after why it just couldn't be. In his head... things are perfect... and can be perfect... with a little effort. I hope one day he invents something... or does something... that proves this theory... I wouldn't be surprised... not in the least.

He wants to help. All the time. Whether it is cleaning a dish, feeding the cats, emptying the recycling... it doesn't matter. We are learning as parents to give a little, and let him have more responsibility. But, these things are hard... Especially when you are the kind of mom that forgets how "old" your kid is. One minute he's 6... the next he's 16... then he's 2.... He's all boy... And basically unbreakable.... So, with this reasoning.. we let him help... 

He loves nature and to go hiking... Paddle boats... And, I swear, the second we take him camping... will be the happiest day of his life. We are slowly considering Boy Scouts... Klay was a scout, and on the whole I agree with the principles that are taught.... As long as there are no extremely bigoted people... I think it's something he'll get involved in. He is an active boy. I swear he can run the trails and never get tired.. up the hills and down. We still have to teach him to STOP and to SLOW down.. running and hiking trails really don't go hand in hand... at least not where we hike. He's always ready to go.. To learn about the markers, to look at the animals... Last time he went, two woodpeckers flew RIGHT in front of his face... He was THRILLED... It was something I wished we had a camera to catch!

And then there is the train addiction. Ever since he saw his first Thomas the Train episode, he has been HOOKED. He loves the way they move, how they move... the different types... Anything train.. any time... I swear... He even has a shirt that says "I love trains". It's hysterical. He used to build these tracks that spanned the ENTIRE living room of our town house. At one point.. he started bringing them up the stairs.... It was... AMAZING. We would turn our backs for one moment, and the next... A complete world of interconnecting tracks and trains on them. Truly special.

So today... I celebrate my son... Emry.
He's not perfect... and he doesn't have to be.
He is his own person... secure... and loving... 
And that's perfect to me.

How was my break from the gym?

Last Friday, I napped instead of using the gym. I ate everything I saw... And I didn't feel gross.
I felt EMPTY.. like a bottomless pit. 

I am convinced that my body was fighting a cold... or the plague.. or something. 
I said, I will get up and run tomorrow...

Tomorrow came, and I didn't do it.
I was so darn tired... more tired than I have been in a very LONG time.
So Saturday, was kind of a repeat of Friday...
Still.. my body was burning through food like.... flame to paper...
I never hit my food wall....

Sunday: Same exhaustion.. but not as bad.
Ate a little less...
Did some cool outdoor things....

I got my butt back in the gym.
I wasn't over the moon about it...
But I did it.

I am now running 5 miles in 1 hour 23 seconds.
And that's very close to me doing a 5mph mile... 
That is my goal...
This way.... a 5k could be accomplished in 38 minutes 24 seconds...
And that would... make me ... VERY excited.

I have to get my money in for the race this week. The deadline is approaching, and I have been... procrastinating on putting it in the mail... Not sure why... But, I am going to mail it tonight.

SO.. my break.. from a Healthy Lifestyle.. my willing break from working out, and even considering what I was putting in my body... was... 

It was lackluster.

I did it... It wasn't amazing.. I didn't feel FULFILLED.... I didn't feel HAPPY to have all these things that I had been passing up on a regular basis... I felt... nothing about it.

You know when I felt something?
Last night, after a full day of working out, eating right, and drinking plenty of H20... 
I felt... lighter... I had more energy...

And the honest truth... My inner thighs were BURNING... I stretched for a VERY long time last night.. No working out.... Just stretching....

And I woke up this morning... feeling even better.

My break showed me... that I like this way better.
A cheat here or there... That's going to happen...
A day away from the gym...
Is going to happen...

BUT: When I go back. I'll love it just as much (if not even more) than before....

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Week in Food. My Personal CHOPPED CHALLENGE

Last week, I told you how I had these 4 ingredients, and I wanted to turn them into a meal.

Those 4 Ingredients Were:
  • Pasta (1 box - medium shells)
  • Pumpkin (1 large can pureed)
  • Chicken (About 1.5 pounds of breast meat)
  • Apple Cider  (I had a lot, but I used 2 cups)
Now.. I purchased 3 additional ingredients, and found 1 hiding in my vegetable drawer:
  • Goat Cheese (4 ounces - I purchased Honey Lavender from Nettle Meadow Farm I found it in Price Chopper)
  • Fresh Sage (About 1/4 cup chopped)
  • Spinach (1 1/2 cups chopped)
  • Hot Long Peppers (3 diced)

Then there was the things that I took from my Spice/Baking Cabinet:
  • Oil (about 2 TBSP)
  • Flour (2 TBSP)
  • Minced Garlic
  • Seasonings: Cumin, Curry, Chipotle Chili Pepper, Salt/Pepper, Onion Powder, Creole Seasoning

And, I made a Autumn Chicken Pasta Bake.




  1. Place  pasta in a pot of boiling and salted water.
  2. Grill up your chicken until it is mostly cooked. I seasoned my chicken with: Cumin, Curry, Chipotle Chili Powder, Salt and Pepper.
  3. Slice up your chicken into bite sized pieces... Set into baking pan on top of the chopped spinach.
    1. You are going to make a pseudo roux. Take a little oil or butter (your choice), allow it to melt in a medium sized sauce pot... Once melted, take 2 tbsp of flour and whisk it together until you have a thick liquidy flour liquid...
    2. Take the 2 cups of Apple cider and whisk it into this mixture until the Flour/Oil mixture is completely dissolved into the Cider...(remember: there is the sage and pepper in want that to go into the pot too!)
    3. Pour the Can of Pumpkin puree until this mixture and mix together until smooth.. Add some garlic (powder, minced, chopped.. whatever you have on hand). 
    4. Take Honey Lavender Goat Cheese, and whisk it into your sauce pot. Whisk until smooth.
    5. Seasoning: Depending on your taste buds.. You want to make sure that this sauce is just as savory as it is sweet. I added the onion powder, chili pepper, and creole seasoning. 
  5.  By this point, your pasta should be pretty much done... Pour it into a collander, and get all the liquid out...
    1. Slowly add the pasta to the baking dish with the chicken and spinach. Stir it together, so that you can get the spinach all over the pasta... Since the pasta is still warm, it is actually WILTING the spinach... This process was started when you placed the chicken in their as well. Once completely mixed.. GO FOR THE SAUCE
  6. Add the sauce mixture all over the pasta, spinach, chicken... DO this slow, and allow for the sauce to go into every nook and cranny... Give it a poke here or there, and allow the sauce to completely settle.
  7. Place in the preheated oven (Since this is all cooked, you are only just "setting" the dish)... I did this for about 15 minutes.
  8.  Take it out... And Serve whenever you want to. My baking dish has a lid.. so, I just threw it in the fridge for the week.


Seasonal, Healthy, And only EIGHT INGREDIENTS.
I do note, that I have a fully stocked Baking/Spice Cabinet. But, really, your tastes are your tastes.. USE WHAT YOU HAVE!

Please excuse my Dixie Plate....
But doesn't that look TASTY?

Halloween is in the air! Candy, Baking, Carving and DECORATING! (A picture post)

So let's just start with: I LOVE HALLOWEEN. This year.. It's a different kind of love though. It's one filled with.... Parties, and Kids, and Crafts, Domestication... and love... It's not about getting dressed up as some GORY and SEXY or GIRLY costume and going to some haunted house with my friends.. It's about Emry, Our friends with kids.. and all the MOM things that are associated with this season. 

 This year.. I made Goodie Bags for Emry's First Grade class. Introducing, Purple Witches Fingers! (Colored White Chocolate Lollipops). These were added to a goodie bag filled with Sno-Caps, Purple Twizzlers and Peach Penguins (Yeah, I was getting rid of the candy from my Birthday Party. So SHOOT ME!) Each Bag then gets a Halloween Pencil Themed to it. I found super cute goodie bags in the Dollar Tree... And I am all about a good DEAL!

Then there was the matter of COOKIES... Why? Because we really wanted them. We baked up some Peanut Butter Cookies with Caramel Chips.. I Betty Crocker'd it.. And added Caramel chips myself. Emry and I did this together, and honestly.. they came out rather good. None of them burned... And.. Well, I am pleased to say we still have quite a few left! mmmmm Cookies. I forgot to dip one in some apple cider.. but, perhaps I can hide one for myself, for this weekend.

Our weekend was filled with the Halloween Spirit! We carved our Jack - O - Lanterns. I had recently gone to Michaels Arts and Crafts, and purchased REAL pumpkin carving equipment. I was getting really tired of the Dollar tree stuff, that fell apart after ONE season.. Now.. We have WICKED tools.. that will last YEARS AND YEARS.... Seriously.. our scooper.. could kill a man... It's kind of creepy... But, LOVE IT.

This is the first time that I really let Emry get into the actual carving.. We cut off the lid together, and I had him scoop his little pumpkin out.. until it was ALMOST done... Then he drew on his face... and he cut out the eyes and the nose.. I had to help with the mouth... He wanted it to have two of these small pointy snaggle teeth.. It was cute.

Now... MY pumpkin.. We all now how I love.. Steampunk... SO I made a STEAMPUNK-IN... I used Gear Shapes for the eyes, a LARGE mustache (for the nose area) and a KEY for the mouth... I thought it was kind of different... and well.. EASY to do. I really wanted to paint my pumpkin this year, but since we had stocked up on all the tools of mass pumpkin destruction.. I figured... CARVING... should probably happen.

Later on Sunday, Lissa, Klay, Emry and I went to our local Theater, who was showing the ORIGINAL SILENT PHANTOM OF THE OPERA... what was even cooler about this was... THE LIVE ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT. Man. It was really something special. Emry sat through the whole thing. Didn't really seem scared.. and Asked me why "is that lady so scared of him?" I explained it was because of his face that he hid behind the mask. Emry looked at the face and said "What's wrong with it?" I laughed... I thought it was really cute. Lissa told us, that when they first released this movie, people FAINTED at the sight of the Phantom's face... Oh boy.. how far we have come... Either that.. or people were complete boobs back then. Anyway.. Amazing TIME! OH: Best #1 part of the movie: IT WAS 1000000% free. Got to LOVE THAT! 

Once nightfall hit, I began to take pictures of our outdoor decorations (including lit Jack-Lanterns).

We have our Bush of Death. With severed hands, floating ghouls, skeletons and spider webs. 

Over our door, I found some really cool light up SPIDERS.. they glow green... My dad has been calling them Creepy Spiders.. FROM MARS! I think It adds a little something. I wish we had enough money to get more of them.. but, this year.. Halloween on the Cheap Cheap.

Our walk way was adorned with our coffin face, and Larry. If you've been with me for a season or two.. you'll know that we have had "Larry", our grim reaper since Emry was about 2 1/2 years old. And when I asked him, in all his toddler glory, what to name this hooded figure... He said.. LARRY... Never could figure out why.. or who Larry was to him... But, the name stuck.. and He has been part of our Halloween Decorations ever since.

We found some neat decals at the Dollar Tree. A witches face with hands, Blood Splatters, and Rats... I know they are there, but you can see them through the glass on the main door.. and well, at nighttime, I have tricked myself that someone was looking in on us... CREEPS ME OUT.. more than I like to admit... HA!

Our Front Trees have Cautionary Tapes everywhere. One says Zombie Crossing... the other says Undead Crossing... They just are quick and easy ways to add a little color.

Klay's mom gave us a little reaper dude on a swing, he has these cool kettle bells attached to him.. that have this dull deep sound when they clang. It is certainly a welcome addition... I was thinking he could be Larry's little brother... But, I can't think of a cool name... Can you think of one?

In our front yard, Klay and Emry stuffed some old clothes with leaves, and we attached some severed feet to him, and a pumpkin light up head...   

My favorite part of all of this is our LIT Jack - O - Lanterns. This adds the FAMILY aspect of our decorations. And, as of recently, this aspect has been SO important to all of us... Klay had time to carve a quick pumpkin... One for each step... From BIG to SMALL. A Daddy Pumpkin, Mommy Pumpkin, and a Wee-Squashy Pumpkin...

BUT, I don't have to tell you that my Steampunk-in is my favorite? DO I?

Friday, October 25, 2013

My first break... from the gym

Ever since February 19, 2013.. I have been on my healthy journey.
Since then, each morning before I start work (unless I am at home sick), I have been in the gym... working my butt off. 

I did not do that.
And yes, I am sitting in my office as I type this.


I didn't sleep last night.
At all.

I was nauseous last night..
But, today... It's as if all the energy has been sucked from my bones.

I am merely existing today.
Not living.

I drove in early.
I got my stuff together.
I looked at my gym bag...
and said "NO".

I sat in my chair, kicked my feet up on my desk... and I slept.

I slept until the start of my day.
This is not normal for me.

I am still... exhausted.

So, I figure my body is coming down with something.
I figure that I need to feed this cold.. before it turns into something else.

But, regardless of what I have eaten today.... and I'm not even going to attempt to share that with you.....

Like tapeworm famished.

It's weird.

Now, this is the point where my OCD head starts running on overdrive...

Are you losing your focus?
Are you losing your drive?
Are you going to gain the weight back?
What are you thinking?

Seriously... my head gets a little ... A LOT ..... crazy.

You can't be perfect all the time.
I know that if I feel better tomorrow.. I will get up and run.
I know that on Monday, I will surely feel myself again, and I will hit the gym like NOBODY'S business...

So.. even though I am stressing over what my eating is looking like.. and the fact that I didn't workout AT ALL today...

I know I will be okay.
I know the sun will rise tomorrow...

And I know that the treadmill will love me just as much when I return.
And the road... well... the road will always be right outside... waiting for my sneakers to pummel it.

The ever moving PAGES!

So since the pages being posted at the top of the page, made TWO headers...

I have moved them to the LEFT HAND SIDE of the page.

Tell me... do they look better?
Is it causing for any additional visual yucks?

I will be adding a Parenting Tab too... I'm pretty sure...

I have also added some new buttons to the right of the page.
These are blogs that I frequent on a regular basis, and have added on my space so others can find and enjoy them as well. I am not compensated in anyway for adding these... I just really love all of them.

I'll have a real post later...
But for now...

Good Morning!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ooooh Look up there! There are PAGES!


So I added some pages.

* Health & Weight Loss

Tell me what you think.

I was also of thinking of adding one for the parenting posts I have done....

We'll see.. There are a LOT of those...

This way it would make it easier for people to find old posts... yada yada....

Creating a Recipe - The Food Network Star in me

I am a food addict.
There is no news there.

Heck, I write a post series entitled:

But, I also write about what we eat for the week... and I am starting to think I need a tab just for RECIPES. Whether they are recipes I have found, or created.... 

But, right now, I am having that issue... the .... I have THESE ingredients.. how do I make them work?

It's like an episode of CHOPPED... but, not as severe... There's no Lamb Testicles and Carbonated Orange Beverage in my basket.

I have flavors in mind... And I know how I want to use them... 

But, not even can help me with this... There is nothing QUITE LIKE what I want to make...

And that means one of two things:
  1. I have a highly developed palate. And I should definitely consider being a chef or professional cook.... Like Guy Fieri, Rachel Ray, Alexandra Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown, Giada... you know, all my Food Network Favs!
  2. Or... this is really going to suck.... and my family is going to hate it.

I have four ingredients at home, that I want to use to make something with.. Something Fall themed...

These ingredients are:
  • Pasta
  • Pumpkin
  • Chicken
  • Apple Cider

Now, I also have a full stocked Spice Cabinet...

In my head.. I see a pasta bake....

And I am toying with the  following ingredients to add in:
  • Goat Cheese
  • Fresh Sage
  • Spinach

Now, the sage and the pumpkin will go great together... The chicken, goat cheese and spinach or a great pairing...


I was thinking of making a cream sauce with the Pumpkin, Goat Cheese, Sage and Apple Cider. 
I want to dice up the chicken (maybe even shred it), then mix the sauce with the Pasta of my choice and the Spinach... Then bake.....

As you can see...
I am almost there...

But, I am so unsure if it works...
It's complex...
It will need proper seasoning... Nothing too crazy... Something to counteract the sweetness in the pumpkin and apple cider... 

It's an experiment.. 
And I am certain.. 
That I would never win Chopped or any other competition Cooking Show... 
I need time to work these things out...

Tell me...
What do you think?
Do I got something going on here?


Would a Recipe tab be helpful?

I really don't want to Over Tab, and break down my blog... But... Perhaps tabs that would list all the specific posts I do.... 

My OCD is going wild!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I can't run

I can't run...

This is an excuse that I used to make.
Why did I think this? 
Well, it's actually based on fact...
I have little to know cartilage left in my knees; this is due to... well, *deep breath* It's due to the man I dated before meeting my ex-husband. 
So, after finally getting away, getting well.. I noticed things about my body.. one of them being that whenever I would do a lot of walking or hiking.. My knees would blow up to the size of balloons.. bruises... and even just running a little outside during playtime... would result in this type of reaction.
THUS: I can't run.

Times moves on... I lost all that weight... And now, I run... well... I run about 5 miles a day.

Let me say that again: I run about 5 miles a day. And I do this 5 (if not 6) times a week. And I do it, in just above an hour. Like 1 hour 5 minutes..

I have cut my 5k time down to 39 min 12 seconds (indoors). I will check my outdoor time this weekend.

But.. I am running. 
I can run. I have been running. I can run farther, and I can run faster... And I am barely pushing myself to do this. I am challenging myself and that feels awesome.

Things I have noticed about running (whether inside or outside):
  • When I am done running outdoors, I have to take chest congestion medicine... Because I get this wicked DEEP cough... for a while after my run. This has to be due to the wind and moisture in the air... And, my wicked allergies... I refuse to get sick because of exercise... that's just dumb.
  • When running inside, I have noticed that the first 10-15 minutes is... taxing.. My body tries the tricks a small child does when asked to clean up... "Do I have to? Can't I do it later? Can I do it SLOWER?" But, after that initial 15 minutes.. my body is just going.....
  • I need to stretch a lot more every day... Even on the one day I do not run... My legs are starting to shed the rest of the... jiggle, and the muscle is making things.. Tight... to say the least.
  • I sweat.... A LOT... but just on my head.. the rest of me is dry... Is that weird? I feel like my scalp is an OPEN FAUCET... It stinks... not literally.. I mean it's totally NOT cool... But, it is manageable.
  • I prefer to run with music on. I have stopped watching the TV in the gym, I was craning my neck while I ran, and that was very uncomfortable. And when I am outside, it helps to gauge the length of time I have been running.
  •  Somehow no matter which direction I run in... The wind always is hitting me in the face. I say that's the Almighty's fault... And I see it as  challenge. 

It is starting to get VERY cold outside. This is making me very NERVOUS about the 5k on Thanksgiving. This 5k is at 8am... And right now, 8am is about 40 degrees. Can you imagine how cold it MIGHT be in a month?

Any of my running friends out there have any suggestions? Other than the running clothes that insulate your body, without letting you overheat...

I do not want to make excuses why I can't do this 5k.. I need to do it... I need to have this under my belt. That I DID this... So a little help would be greatly appreciated.

I can run.
That's the point.

I can and I will... 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Permanent Damage

I have been a horror movie fanatic since I can remember.
I would sneak behind the couch, to peek at the horror movies my family was watching, when I was supposed to be in bed.

I watched the Exorcist, when I was 8 years old.
I am pretty sure I saw Jaws, when I was even younger....

Stephen King's IT.... 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind...
The Lost Boys...

These movies were my childhood.

And as I grew, I needed a darker, more twisted scary movie.
I needed something that would ACTUALLY frighten me.

And, now don't get me wrong, even a horrible scary movie will get me to scream out, or hide behind my hands... but, that's just the fun of it. 

However, the good ones leave me... well... let's be honest, the good ones.. NEVER leave me.

But, I think there is permanent damage from all the scary movies I have watched....

Because, I hold on to the really scary ones... for a long time after watching them....
We recently watched, "MAMA"... And, I have to admit... It was a darn good scary movie.
Up until the last... oh I say.... 15 minutes, then it got pretty cheesy.... 

But, 98% of it was pretty flipping awesome.

Last night, Klay took Emry to karate, and I got an HOUR to MYSELF... with NO ONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE... Awesome right? Not so much.

I made myself something to eat...
I plopped myself in front of the TV... 
(Don't tell anyone, we aren't supposed to eat on the couch... Klay really likes that couch.)

And then I heard it.
Something fell, moved, something'd down the hall... 
SO, I lean over, and I look down the dark hallway, 
And I swear on a stack of bibles, I saw something move in the bathroom.
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

I know I am home alone.
I know what I heard was probably a cat knocking something over.
But, I cannot tell you what I saw moving in my bathroom.
I tried to reason with myself that the dark was playing tricks with my eyes.
But, WHAT, obscured the light from the window in the bathroom? HMMMMMM??!?!?!
I blame it on the movie.
I was half expecting something to come crawling like a demon, down the hall. 
I turned on Law & Order SVU on a HIGH VOLUME.. and waited for SOMEONE to get home.
(after, of course, making sure there was no evidence of TV Couch time eating).

Now, this sounds silly.
But, it's true. 
And it used to never happen before....
Well, I think I've noticed a peak in my "fear"... over the past couple of years.
Not sure why...


Does this happen to you?
You think I'm nuts.. right?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Meal: Chicken Harvest Stew

I didn't calculate any of the nutrition, but honestly, it's all good stuff... so how BAD could it be?

After the birthday party, I had 2 gallons of Apple Cider left over... I needed to use at least ONE....



  • 1 pound boneless chicken breasts
  • 1 large spaghetti squash
  • 1 red pepper
  • a couple hot peppers (jalapenos, cherry, long, poblano.. whatever you like)
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 gallon Apple cider
  • Chili Seasonings
  • Cumin, Garlic and Curry Seasonings

  1. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces, and then season with Cumin, Garlic, and Curry Seasonings. Grill up, until the outside of the chicken is basically cooked. Do not cook all the way through.
  2.  Cut Spaghetti Squash in half, take out the seeds and junk.. then roast in the oven (at 350) for about 15 minutes.. just to get the squash a little soft.
  3. While waiting for the squash, dice up the red pepper, hot peppers, carrots, and red onion. 
  4. When squash is done, dice it up as well.
  5. Pour the entire gallon of apple cider into a crock pot.
  6. Add veggies, chicken, and chili seasonings (you can grab a packet, or you can use whatever you got in your pantry.)
  7. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.
  8. VIOLA!

This turned out to have a sweet and spicy.. Hot and Sour Soup type feel to it.. but, with the thickness of a good stew. Since by me the weather is getting progressively colder.. the comfort of a stew is awesome.

I recommend serving this with some crusty italian bread!!!!

I have never been so attracted to a zombie in my ENTIRE life.

Recently, we were talking about Halloween Costumes and how Klay is anti-dressing up... unless it is in his Ren Faire Garb.

Well.. this story will tell you the following about my significant other:
  1. He's only so stubborn
  2. He's a great father
  3. Knows how to make an entrance

Saturday, was the first of 3 Halloween events for Emry. It was at one of his friends houses, and it was a party with games and costumes and yummy yummy treats.

I figured out a way to get a facial wound prostethic on Emry's face... I got my pink lady gear on... and then...

"I can't go. Something's wrong with the... **insert computer jargon here**... I am so sorry."

Emry was very disappointed. We had convinced Klay that I would white out his face and hollow his eyes... and he could be the Zombie that BIT Emry (the infected zombie hunter).

But, we said okay, and Klay promised if he could make it.. he would... and we left.

We got to the party and had this fantastic time. Around 3p, my phone rang, and Klay was asking for directions... Which were gladly given...

20 minutes later. I hear him pull up... I see him walk around the backyard, and I am thinking
Can he not see the stair case? Why is he just standing there?
For the record, I didn't get a clear look at him.

Then the first kid screams: WHAT IS THAT?
All the kids are on top of the deck looking down.. so all the parents jump up...
We look down, and what do we see... A bloodied.... torn up... ZOMBIE...
WHO IS THAT?!?! Screams another kid.

Emry: "That's my dad!!!"
(I hope you can hear the adoration.. cheesy grin beaming... Happiness.)

At that  exact moment, Klay whips his head around, with blood pouring from his mouth, and CHARGES the stairs... All of the kids screamed... all the parents laughed... Emry just smiled (and locked the gate...HA!)....

Even though he hates dressing up.
Even though he hates anything other than his Ren Faire Garb....
Klay knew how sad Emry was that he wasn't going to be there.. and then went above and beyond.

And that's why I love him.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Hyperglycemia.. my old friend... you bitch

I am Hyperglycemic.
What is Hyperglycemia?

It basically means that I have HIGH BLOOD GLUCOSE (or blood sugar). My body either doesn't have enough insulin and/or it can't use it properly. 

When my blood sugar is out of whack, I pass out.  How is it out of whack? It's used to being SO HIGH, that when it drops... I DROP.
Everything gets spotty, and sparkly... My limbs feel heavy.. and I pass out. 

Unless: I take a glucose tab. And that helps to spike my sugar enough to bring me back to the land of the living.

Since I have regulated my food, and I have been exercising more.. I really haven't had any symptoms.
It's been awesome. 

But, for some reason last night... my body decided (at 2 a.m.) mind you, that it was time to have an "attack"....

And, it was a sneak attack. No lie.

Normally, I wake up, and I am all sparkly and heavy... and completely aware of what I have to do.

This morning? I woke up thinking I had a fever. So, I stripped down... trying to get cool... I felt nauseous... 

Still felt awful, I leaned over to grab my water bottle... And that's when I felt it.. in the back of my head... the heavy sparkly feeling... I knew it was coming... It was just hiding in the periphery.

SO I got dressed again. 
Which needed to happen:
  • if I was going to pass out, it was not going to be naked... for someone (like my dad or emry) to find me.
  • I am not comfortable walking around naked in ANY situations.
Getting dressed, even though necessary, was a bad idea... It escalated the episode.
It was as if I couldn't get to my glucose tabs fast enough. And they were 10 feet away in the kitchen.
I got to them. And couldn't open the container.. and basically slid down to the floor, trying to get one in my mouth before black out.

I did. But, since I was so far into the episode, I had no saliva....
I passed out until my emergency insulin kicked in.
And saliva was produced... allowing the glucose tab to break in my system... bringing me back.

It was scary.
I was on the floor, for about 30 minutes... Everyone was asleep... no one knew... But, the cats... The cats were right next to me when I came to.


Why because what I experienced was very mild: Ketoacidosis

Ketoacidosis is life-threatening and needs immediate treatment. Symptoms include:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breath that smells fruity
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Very dry mouth
It's basically a diabetic coma.

The very dry mouth, the nausea... and I don't know about the other two...

But, my doctor and I are going to talk about it.

I've been dealing with Hyperglycemia since I was... oh around 11?
And... this being the first episode that I've had in a long while and by far the worst...



So that's me...
How's your Friday?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

You asked.. I answer!

Thanks Brit for asking me the question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Well, I am going to expand on this answer, and tell you what I, Emry and Klay are going to be (or not going to be) for this Halloween.


Three years running, I am a pink lady. I have the jacket, and the cute 50's style glasses. I was thinking of buying a poodle skirt this year.. but, I am low on funds, due to the EPIC b-day bash, so, that might have to be exchanged with a pair of leather looking leggings... they would be CHEAPER. HA!

I pull my hair in to a high pony-tail, and then I curl the end so it has a Cindy-Lou Who end to it.

It's very cute.


Emry, is going to be, an INFECTED zombie hunter.
We got him the most epic costume at Spirit Halloween.. and we are going to do some blood and latex paint on his face... To look like someone (or something) took a bite out of him. 

He's excited and so am I. 
Because, well, I want to play with Latex paint.. AND.. he's getting out of the "Be a cartoon character" phase. It's awesome. I love it.


Well, he will probably not be dressing up. 
He wears his Ren Faire garb.. but, won't venture out of that... There will never be a COUPLES costume in our future... EVER.... 

The karate moms say he looks like Opie, from Sons of Anarchy... I kind of see it... So, I was thinking we'd pick up a vest and a few patches... and work it out... NOPE... he won't do it.

LOSER. (But, I love him anyway)

I saw this really great NERD costume... so I was thinking I could be a pink lady and he could be like a 50's nerd.. complete with the plaid pants and suspenders... NOPE... won't do that either.... Grease theme? Not in a MILLION years... he's such a LOSER.

We have 3 times to dress up this year. This Saturday, we have a Halloween party at a friend's house. Next Friday, it's a party at the Karate School... Plus, there is a haunted house at the local High School. And then.. Halloween.. OoOoOoOOoOOO

What are you being for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

40 minutes

I ran 3.2 miles in 40 minutes on the treadmill.
I will test my time on the streets (Yeah, I'm going to take it to the streets) on Saturday morning.

I feel good. My quads and hams are starting to tell me something though... I think it means to stretch more. . . . We'll see.


As I run, As I run, The universe is running with me.

My friend, Lissa, got me a bracelet that says this... I wear it when I run now...
Somehow, I find myself saying it to myself.. when I feel my body start to tire...
And somehow, it pushes me on... somehow the words allow myself to push on.

**Next Thought Process**

I have been App free for a few weeks now.. and I am maintaining my weight.
Isn't that wonderful?
There is a lot less stress with eating now... now that I don't have to LOG everything in.
My weekly diet hasn't changed...
Just have more time to ACTUALLY EAT IT.

I have a lot of work to do today...
And of course, I must get to it....

Now that the party is over.. I have less things to post about, other than my workouts, work, and ... well... that's really it... My life is becoming really RATHER boring....

SO: YOU TELL ME.. I want questions.. that would make good posts.... ASK ME QUESTIONS PEOPLE!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The actual PARTY POST - the one where I write stuff

(Okay there was no danger of food poisoning, but, it felt funny to type)

Let's talk about the birthday party and my birthday... and all things included.

Thursday Night - WAS FOOD SHOPPING EXTAVAGANZA TIME. Emry came with me, and we didn't get back home until 7:15p. He still had homework, and Klay did that with him. But, I fed him a little from every store, so he had a full meal by time we got home.. including dessert. I was a ROCK STAR parent on Thursday.

Just saying.

Friday - I woke up on my birthday at 5A... ON PURPOSE.. WHY? I was going to run outside.. and see how long it would take me to run a 5k... Now, the reason it is smart to TRAIN OUTSIDE, is because the treadmill does not prepare you for things like: 1) Wind 2)Uneven Ground 3) Pot holes, 4) Animals popping out of the high grass, 5) That funny thing that happens to your lungs when you are taking in air of different temperatures (if you run, you know what I am talking about.)...etc etc.
I did it though. I ran 5k (3.2 miles) in 40 minutes and 57 seconds. If you have been keeping up with my training times.. that is 1 minute and 19 seconds faster than I run it on the treadmill. And I was impressed. So impressed that I woke up Klay before the sun had even had a chance to think about rising.. and told him about it. 

I got a free oil change and inspection.. because my mechanic LOVES ME.. .and he knew it was my birthday.

Klay and I put Emry on the bus, and then we went to breakfast at DENNY's... Where I GOT A FREE BREAKFAST, because it was my birthday.
I got a grand slam, and I slammed my pancakes up... and added Chocolate Chips, Fresh Strawberries and Caramel Sauce... Yeah.. I did it.. I am proud of it too.


From there... We went home and starting at 9:30a.... I began to cook for the party.
I did not leave my kitchen until 9:30p that night.

For dinner, my dad got us Five Guys.
And the men folk cleaned the house.. while I cleaned the kitchen.

I then decorated the house until midnight, and then drove to a friend's house to pick up the Hair Accessory she made for my birthday. It had to be done.

Saturday - 
I woke up at 6:30a... because I just wasn't tired... 
Watched some stupid TV...
And then began to set up and get ready for the party.

People started arriving around 3p.. and then left and more came, and left and more came until roughly 10p... then everyone was out of the house by 10:45p.

The party was awesome. I had planned so well, I was really able to enjoy it.
All the food and drinks were a big hit, except for one family who was having a super jealous moment (more on that later).

From 10:45 to 11:30p Klay and I cleaned the house, which was oddly clean. And then I opened my presents.. and it felt like Christmas.. Just saying. I am a very loved individual.

Sunday - 
Woke up.
Went to Karate Demo....
Went out to eat with Friends for another Birthday Party... for that friend's husband.
Sushi is awesome... just saying.

Monday -
Cleaned up Play Room.
Now, let me clarify.. the children who attended the party were fairly neat.. except for one (more on that later). They tried to clean up as much as they could.. but, honestly... there was only so much that could be done.

I woke up early and tackled that.
I found as much missing lego pieces as I could.
And, basically got everything ready for the Winter Donation Spree we do... 
So, it wasn't a total loss.

Got Emry a haircut..... which was fun.

Then Klay, Emry and I went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, then dessert at Friendly's.

Let me go back to the two key points I said I would discuss later:
1) People who were Jealous
2) The one kid who wasn't particularly neat or respectful of our house, or Emry's stuff.

Funny, right?

I have known these people for 7 years. 
And, they find it funny to pick at me, or make fun of me... I think it's a jealousy thing.
But, let's just say during the party the following happened:
  • My "friends" picked at that there was no coffee (at 4p.. just saying).. that HIS coffee got cold and I told him to heat it up himself in the microwave. 
  • That I bought dips, instead of making them, even though I made everything else.
  • That when he throws a party he never has fun, because he's catering to everyone else (That's why I covered everything the day before so I could enjoy the party as much as possible).
  • That most of the desserts/candy were covered in chocolate and THEY don't eat like that... Sorry, can't make special stuff for just TWO people.
  •  THE DAUGHTER, TRASHED THE PLAY ROOM, AND DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO CLEAN UP. She broke something of Emry's, and pieces went everywhere, we still haven't found all of them, and the whole family oddly left right after it happened, and before Emry could tell me about it.
  • When I confirmed this with another child (who was there), I called the father, who I have known for 7 years.. he got very defensive, and basically.. well, wouldn't hear it.
  • So, now, we aren't speaking, and his family is welcome in my home, until a) his daughter apologies to Emry b) he apologizes for screaming at me c) hell freezes over. I really hate disrespectful people. Just saying.

But, that's the low down of the weekend.
Overall.. IT ROCKED.

And ... I only gained two pounds from Thursday night until This morning... So that was an even BIGGER birthday gift.

Now, that's over... it's time to prepare for Halloween.

How was your weekend?