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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eyes on the Prize - 1 month 1 week 5 days to go

When I came back from my extended break, I let y'all know that I was planning on being my BEST WEIGHT by February 19, 2014. 

That is 1 month 1 week and 5 days away.

If you remember:

"February 19, 2014 - exactly one year since I started my journey to healthy... I want to be either 1 dress size smaller or 10 pounds lighter. This would put me in a comfortable Size 4 or at 125 pounds."

Well, let's see, I am currently have 8 more pounds to go. However, I am noticing that my muffin top area is getting more firm, and my legs are getting an intense workout 5-6x a week. 

My plan is that each week, I focus on a different target area, with different exercises. 

This week: All about the Butt and Legs.

I have been doing the following:

  • 1 hour (sometimes a little more, but no more than 75 minutes) of treadmill:
    I usually run a 5k first (my standard time on this is 33 minutes and 10 seconds) and then I use the Mountain climber feature for about 22 minutes (Intensity 10, Speed Brisk Walk 3.7mph) and then do a cool down of 5 minutes. If at the end of my workout, I still feel the need to run, I'll do another 10-15 minutes.

Then I do the following circuit of exercises:

  • 20 squats (10 of them with 14 pounds of weight and 10 without)
  • 20 sumo squats (10 with weight 10 with out)
  • 20 lunges (10 with weight, 10 without)
  • 80 Jumping Jacks (see below for embarrassing reason this is crossed out)
  • 20 leg raises *per leg*
  • 50 second wall sit
  • 100 crunches on an exercise ball
  • 20 Ball passes (passing an exercise ball from your hands to your feet.. bringing each to the ground and raising it back up)
  • 5 minutes on heavy bag (various punch combinations) - just for variation and to give my legs a little rest
  • Stretch everything below my belly button.


If by that point, I still want to do a little extra.. this is when I take on the extra 10-15 minutes worth of running... Today was more of a brisk jog... 

Now.. Why am I not doing jumping jacks.

Well, I thought yesterday morning was a fluke... Ugh, I didn't tell you about yesterday morning... Okay.. Ready for the most EMBARRASSING conversation ever.

I am super glad that I bring a complete change of clothes with me to work (top to bottom). That needs to be said first. 

So, I'm working out. I had a great run. . . I am averaging just under 6 miles a day this week. . . I do the squats followed by the sumo's then the lunges... and then... I start jump jacking.

About 60 in... I realize.... Oh man, I am actually going to type this:

I realized that I had to pee.. REALLY bad, and before I had a chance to land from my last jumping jack... I started to go.

I said it... I pee'd.

I hate being a mom sometimes! Ever since I had Emry, I have found that my... ability to hold pee.. is impossible, so, if I have to go... I HAVE TO GO.. you know? You can do exercises to strengthen that... but, they've never worked, and my Lady Doctor said and this is a loose quotation "You're screwed."  (she may have not said those words, but her meaning was that I was SOL, without a paddle... for my piddle. Just saying.)

Well, I was really embarrassed, as you can tell! 
But, so grateful I was alone in the gym. 

So, I had to stop what I was doing... run to the locker room, grab my other set of workout clothes (and clean underwear.. ugh, what am I POTTY TRAINING?) And throw the dirty stuff in my "to be washed" bag)
And I went back to finish my workout.

So... I figured, in my head, with all this widsom *sarcasm*... perhaps I should have used the ladies room before I started my workout. And I was going to test this when I got home.

FAST FORWARD TO LAST NIGHT: Klay takes Emry to karate. I use the bathroom... and I make sure that my bladder is as EMPTY as PHYSICALLY possible. I wait a couple minutes, and I begin to do Jumping Jacks... at about 40 in.. I got the... FEELING... so I ran to the bathroom, and low and behold... TA-DA... *slaps forehead*....

So.. Obviously Jumping Jacks mess with my muscular control.... So.. No more of those for me.

There I go.. Embarrassing story of the day....  I'm sure you also have a workout fiasco you are not to proud of either... So, find this empowering and SHARE YOURS!

So, back to the point, I have 1 month 1 week and 5 days to achieve my goal.   
You think I can do it?


  1. You sound very determined, so I know you will do it. I am a pound and a half from my goal and feeling fabulous.

  2. I'm so proud of your determination! It's 9Am over here right now and I've gotten as far as reading my emails on my day off..,. I thinks it's time you inspire me!