People Just as Crazy as Me

Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm here...

I've been getting a lot of "I'm worried" messages.

And, thank you to everyone for checking in on me.

I've been staying quiet.. and focusing on life.

Something had to give, and unfortunately the Blog was the least important.
I know, shocking, right?

I am doing better...

And would love to start up and writing again...

But... I'm just not ready....

If you want to be in contact with me, please comment on this post... I'll send my email to people who would like it.

I'm also on Facebook...

Just taking an extended break...

But everything is OK.

I am OK.

Love you all.


  1. Just glad you're alright!!! I completely understand the need for a break! Take care and see you whenever you get back ;)

  2. if anyone gets needing a break from blogging its THIS girl! i loved taking a break! i got things in order and i feel like i can start again. i stilled loved it and missed it a ton but it was refreshing and what i needed. you go girl!!! <3