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Monday, April 28, 2014

4-day weekend recap.. WAIT? ANOTHER ONE?

We all know I was off on Thursday, so I could sit with the Lemon Car at the dealership...
There is no news there... But then.. THIS MIRACULOUS THING HAPPENED!

Klay's Brother and Sister-in-Law, WENT IN TO LABOR and 10:35p that night.. THERE WAS BABY MARGARET ROSE!!!!!

So, of course, with them living in Virginia.. we had to go... but, you know.. had to take another day!

I cleaned the entire upstairs of the house, and then left my dad a nice note asking him to vacuum downstairs and take care of our kitties.

We packed a cooler of healthy snacks, for our 5.5 hour drive.... From Fruits/Veggies to Protein Bars and Nuts... Bottled Waters, a couple of yogurts that we froze to keep them cold, and 3 seminary muffins (for breakfast on Saturday)...

Some Easter Candy to bribe Emry with....

We picked Emry up from school around noon, and then began the journey to Virginia.

Our 5.5 hour trip, winded up taking about 7 hours. We hit 2 accidents, 3 construction zones, 2 bumper to bumper NONSENSES! And it was awful.
About half way through, our butts were numb, and there was the definite need for a pee break. Unfortunately the only thing on our side of the road, with a bathroom that we were certain would be clean.. was an Arby's. 

Hi, my name is Kat, and I eat junk food when I'm stressed out.

One pee break, One smokehouse brisket sandwich, Two Orange Creme Shakes (one for me, one for Emry) and a Jalapeno Popper Bites (for Klay) later... and we were back on the highway.

And oh.. how good did that grossly high calorie sandwich and shake taste? Amazing. Not going to lie... It made sitting in bumper to bumper traffic a little more bearable.

Emry was perfect. He had his Nintendo DS... some activity books.. and a National Geographic 400 fun facts book (which he read to us for about an hour of the trip). 

my hair is pulled back, I did not cut it off!
We finally got to the hospital around 8p that evening.. and we met her.. The cute and adorable Margaret Rose... She was perfect in every way.. Not going to lie.

We spent a couple hours there, and then around 11:30p we headed toward Klay's brothers house, where we stayed... and then it hit us... WE WERE ALL STARVING.

Only thing opened was an IHop. SIGHS.. I ordered some french toast thing, that turned out to be nasty.. so I winded up eating half of it...

Finally we got to sleep... and were up at 7:30a the next morning, ate breakfast, straightened up... Re-packed our stuff.. and were back at the hospital. 

We needed some more baby loving before we left. Emry got to hold her twice, once Friday night and once on Saturday. He is in love with his new baby cousin. 

We were on the road by 11:45a... and we were home by 5:40p. 
We hit very little traffic, and the ride was an overall success... even though we had to stop for gas... at SHEETZ... and there was another fatty sandwich consumed... **SIGHS**.. When will I learn?

So Friday is normally rest day, but Saturday turned into one as well....

Sunday, was also another INTENSE day. We had Emry's swimming class at 10:15a (I swear, he is going to learn how to swim before the end of this summer, he's too old to need a bubble)... 

The plan was to get to the Y at 8:30'ish, so that Emry could go to Child Watch... this way Klay and I could get a decent workout in. Which, as you can read from above, I totally needed! I ran, and did some leg exercises, especially this amazing lunge I found out about from 

After that we watched the Swim class (sorry no pictures, trying REALLY hard not to be the millionth mom snapping away at the YMCA POOL), and then quickly ran home, showered, and got on the road for the:


I can't begin to tell you.. how amazing it was. 
And I'm confused why they call it a tasting.. since it seemed like a 12 course meal. I have no pictures of it.. because I was just THAT overwhelmed with the amount of food being brought out to us... but, it was kind of like this:

We had to answer a bunch of questions about what we'll want during the ceremony and reception.. If people will be using the hotel at the venue the night before or night of... A lot of questions, that honestly, we should have thought of.. But, didn't... no big deal.. we still have:

160 days 36 minutes 10 seconds until the wedding.

I'm sure we'll figure all these questions in time.. Right? Possibly? Oh god I hope so.

We walked around the grounds and scouted out the 2 locations where our ceremony will take place...

And then, drove home...

Bath time for Emry.. then bed time. 

Before I got to bed, I had to finish up the RSVP cards, so we can send out the invitations on May 1st. (More on the later this week... I'm actually going to do a WEDDING post)

Then I had to pack my lunch for today, and get all my stuff ready for my work week. 

I was asleep on the couch by 9p... It was like running a dang marathon!!!!

But, totally worth it.. All of the circus.. All worth it.



  1. OMGGG!! Congrats on the new niece she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Ahhh so fun doing wedding tasting- Hope you get all those answers figured out soon (:

  2. awww congrats on the new addition to the family!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Another 4 day weekend?! Girl I am so jealous! And I am so with you, I eat junk food too when I am stressed, ugh!!! I hate it. LOL I love how you have your wedding pinned down the second. You are awesome

  4. Congrats! Your niece is precious.

  5. How exciting on the new addition to the family and I am new to your blog so congrats on the wedding that is clearly counting down :) It is tough to eat wisely while traveling but I must admit I love Arby's AND I am a fan because of the amount of protein I can get on one of their sandwiches.