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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Did I go to the Full Body Circuit Today?

If you were here yesterday, you will remember during my hump day post, that I was talking about feeling scared to go to the Full Body Circuit class, that was going to challenge you and push you past your limits.


No.. no I did not.. because, today was TABATA day at the YMCA... this means that I need to read my class schedule more closely.. but, oh man, did I love this class....

Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training, where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for a series of 8 intervals (4 minutes of work per exercise). You rest for a minute.. then you start up on a different exercise. This was a 45 minute class... we did this for 14 different exercises. 

With a warm up and a cool down included... this class was AMAZING... and guess what? Not only did I keep up.. but I was doing pretty DANG good.

The warm up consisted of different types of "jacks".. Jumping Jacks, Lateral Jacks, Jumping Squat Jacks, and others I never heard of. Lunges and Stretching!

The cool down was lots of stretching and lunges... and then some yoga like balancing. Very nice!!!! exercises we did were: - Using the heavy ropes we "whipped" them for 20 seconds, and then after a 10 second cool down we then held on to the ropes and did jumping jacks with them. We did 8 intervals of these two exercises. - TRX is a new class that is taught at the YMCA, you use the suspension ropes that are hung from the ceiling. We used these, and hooked the suspension ropes on our shoes and then did push ups and bringing our legs to our chest for 20 seconds, after the 10 second cool down, we then went to our forearms and rocked back and forth (called a "sew grinder") for 20 seconds. All with our bodies suspended in the air slighlty. Another 8 intervals of these two exercises. - Weighted Barbell Squats (you know I loved this) and then we did Squat presses...8 intervals of these 2 exercises.
4 - Kettle Bell Lifts and something called the surfer dead lift (I couldn't find a picture for this. But, you for into the starting position in the picture on the left, bring the kettle straight up to your hip level, and then jump 180 degrees, and do it again)... with a 15 pound kettle bell, I was sweating by the end of the 8 intervals of these two!!! - Pilates Crunches - where you lay flat, hands over your head, and then you bring your legs up and your arms up.. meeting (hopefully) in the middle to do a crunch.. this was paired with bicycle crunches. I felt like a rock star during these.... And the woman I paired up with, was in amazing shape, and she was commenting how well I was doing for my first class. - Dips and Ski Jumps. We used the stepping block and did tricep dips... and then we used the stepping block to jump over for the Ski Jumps (self explanatory and really hard to find a picture of.. BAFFLED!) - Pushing a heavy weighted box from one side of the room to the other and then we had those heavy ropes that were weighted with a sand bag... we had to pull those to ourselves.. and then run across the room to pull it back. This was the very end.. and I was REALLY feeling it. 

I was sweating... and so was everyone else... 
But, I did it.. I did it without having to mod the exercise to be easier... 
I felt good.. and as I sit here in the Car dealership, while they diagnose my car problem...


Now, the question is, can I do this on the regular? My work day begins at 8/830a... and I work about 45 minutes from home... The class let out at 6:30a... I helped clean up a little bit (I helped set up too)... I was home by 6:50.... and was able to get out of the house shortly after 7a to get to the car dealership... Was it a race? YES... but, could I do it once a week? Hmmmm... It would give me 1.5 hours to get a 45 minute distance, and if there's traffic... I think I could still make it in on time... 

Tomorrow is rest day, and after checking the schedule (because, you know, I can be TAUGHT!) at the YMCA for tomorrow.. TOMORROW is the full body circuit... Perhaps a trial run? Can I do a class and make it to work on time.. while looking presentable, and not like a DROWNED RAT??? 

But, that would defeat the purpose of REST DAY... AGAIN.... Hmmm.... Anybody have any advice for this? Should I give it a go tomorrow? Or should I try it next Thursday?

Also: yesterday, I was reading a post from one of the new blogs I am following (Thanks Liz @ Fitness Blondie for getting me connected with and I found a great Leg Day workout.. that I can totally do!!! I am officially calling Saturday "LEG DAY"

Very positive, and active morning... Helps with the lack of movement I am doing now.. sitting at the car dealership.. with the LEMON car.... grar... 

Stay tuned.. later, I am going to do a "mommy post"... about our trip to the DENTIST!

Yeah, I'm a corn ball.. Come on back!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I think I would really enjoy a class like that. I'll have to check around my area to see if they have a similar class.

  2. This class looks AWESOME! I try to do tabata at home, I like all these new moves! Plus you burn tooonnns of calories and fat!

  3. holy shit girl. Now you know I love my exercising and being fit, but I don't know if I could do this, it sounds freaking intense. Those ropes are no damn joke. I am going to look into the tabata more. You are awesome girl.

  4. Not going to lie, I was scared to death when I saw the heavy ropes... But, once they started the HIIT Timer... I just dove right in... And I couldn't believe that I was doing it. IT WAS AWESOME.