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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Doughnuts Doughnuts Doughnuts - An Easter Food Post

The above clip is from a very funny movie called "Forget Paris"... My favorite part of this, is when the elderly man says "Doughnuts Doughnuts Doughnuts"... And that is exactly where my head went today.. when I walked into the breakroom.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/peeps28f-2-web.jpgThere was a HUGE box of doughnuts in there....... And some of them even had PEEPS on them. I couldn't believe it... I love food, of all shapes and sizes.. there are certain foods that I have a huge problem saying no to. 1) Breads - this include cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, etc. 2) Dark Chocolate 3) Dairy Queen Blizzards 3) Marshmallow Peeps... Come to think of it... the list is probably MUCH longer... HOWEVER, those are the top 3...

So here I am staring down at the this delicacy: the PEEP DOUGHNUT... And I just... Hell, I wanted to cry my eyes out. The thing about those foods, that I can't say no to... well, I can't say no, and I can't have only one. Don't even think I can have HALF... Once I open the flood gates, it's done... Consider the rest of the week ruined.

But, KAT, THIS IS NOT HEALTHY! What about your healthy lifestyle and loving eating right and fruits and veggies and all that Health Crap? are right. You are 1000000% right. This is me telling you, Hi, My name is Kat, and I have a problem saying no. If I don't come in contact with it... It doesn't bother me... But, if I tempt the Gods, and try to have just a little.. It's over.. I am weak. I know this.

I am part of another work seminar, dealing with getting Control of  being Healthy. A lot of what we talk about is controlling the above behavior.

My favorite sentence of this seminar is:


And it's true... So, that means, I don't stock our pantry with anything, and when I'm here... at work.. I bring my own food, and try desperately not to go into the break room when I know that there are Tempting Foods... Which, if you have been with me long.. you know is... EVERY OTHER STINKING DAY.

I keep sipping at my water, and telling myself that lunch is 1 hour 5 minutes away.. and that I do not NEED a doughnut to survive. That food is nutrition, not happiness. That if I'm going to eat something like a doughnut, let it be surrounded by friends and family.. at a party... NOT alone while in my office seclusion.

I'm doing pretty good. I think I can make it to lunch. You know what would make it easier... if the box of doughnuts fell on the floor... Yeah.. That would make it so much easier. **Sighs** Perfect world... that would happen.. Gust of wind would come through the building and just sweep the entire box off the counter, and land on the floor...

Or if someone sneezed in the breakroom.. if I heard someone sneeze... I would make up a tale that they sneezed right onto the doughnuts... Especially the peep ones.. and the bearclaw.......Drools.....

But, it makes me think... about Easter Sunday Food... And how I should try and plan a healthier option. Klay's mother does brunch every year, and makes an egg casserole (with lots and lots and lots of cheese. Topped with even more meat) and a Bunny Cake.

This year, she is thinking about either doing a Cupcake display or THIS type of cake:

That's a chocolate cake.. with Green Grass Sprinkles, Jelly Beans, and Bunny Peeps.


So what am I to do? 
I'll make something tasty and healthy... 
Just need to figure out what would be best....

Other than sewing my mouth shut...
Is that an option?

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