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Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Coming!!!!!


That's right, in 1 month and 15 days, our annual adult trip to SPWF begins!!!

This year... though... it won't be an adult trip.. It's going to be a family adventure.

That's right, we have to bring Emry. It came down to no one being able to watch him. Klay's parents are busy.... and my sister just isn't an option right now. PLUS, she lives two hours NORTH and the event is two hours SOUTH.. so that's 4 hours of driving... twice.....Not happening.

Emry is super excited, and well... we have 1 month 15 days to get him 2 outfits together. And, Steampunk out a nerf gun... or two....

Last year was kind of ruined by the crazy lady my father was dating... but this year... it will still be different. Emry's presence will mean that I won't be able to drink as much (I don't like to feel impaired when I have him... I feel my parenting instincts are... slowed.)

Anyway... Now the journey begins to scramble for outfits... and hit up thrift stores, and engineer suitable garb.... 

I have a lot of ideas.. I just wonder if I can execute them... We shall see.....

Just thought I'd announce something Geeky today.

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  1. Man that sounds so fun! I have been looking for steampunk clubs here in Sac but no luck. Plenty of shops with steampunk gear but no clubs or anything. It sucks.