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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

That time when my kid ate something weird.... and liked it 

Above is a picture of a Vegan/Paleo staple, Carrot/Vegetable Based Pasta. 
What you do, is you take a carrot, and peel it to death, then you slightly sautee it, or even steam it. 

It turns into a noodle like consistency.

Now, I never force Emry to try any of my healthy recipes. I offer them, and if he wants to try it, I give him a little.

Now, I explain to him one night, that the above is what I am making for dinner. And, there was this glimmer in his eye.

"Can I help you make it?"

So, I allowed him to help me shred a carrot.

We mixed it in a bruschetta type sauce. Chunky, but not too saucey. 

And, then I made him his own dinner.

"Can I try it?"

I blinked, and gave him a little bit on his plate.

"OH, mama, this is FANTASTIC."

I blinked rapidly, and for a brief moment thought my child had been replaced with a clone. 

"Can I have more?"

He ate a large serving of that "pasta"... heck, he ate more of it, than the taquitos that I had pre-made for him... (Recently, he's been on a taco/mexican food kick.... so I run with it).

And I just was speechless.
It was awesome.

We still have problems with food, if he doesn't like the way it looks.
I made a french toast and apple casserole in the crock pot.. that didn't look appealing, but tasted awesome. He made such a fuss! 

SO, I have learned to enjoy the blessings of when he WANTS and LIKES trying new things. 

Speaking of which... I really want some more of that carrot pasta... it was AWESOME.

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  1. Have you seen the "spiralizer"? I kinda want one!