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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The amazing trip to the Dentist!

My monkey, Emry, is not a fan of the dentist... and for a while, I was sure he was going to rot all of his baby teeth out of his face. 

He "brushes" his teeth twice a day, and "rinses"... there is also twice a day "flossing".. Notice how the actual activities are in quotation marks? That is not on accident. If you watch Emry, he will brush, rinse, and floss... If you do not, it's an iffy situation... He sucks on the toothbrush, rather than brushing those pearly little white chicklets. The rinse is 10 seconds long.. and the flossing... well, the floss wand barely makes it past his lips.. How do I know? My super Mama hearing skills can tell... and also... the night time routine take 1/18th of the time it should... months ago, at his last appointment, there was the FEAR that one of his back teeth was forming a cavity... That we needed to pay extra special attention when brushing... THIS DROVE ME UP THE WALL. My mom spider sense went NUTS. I never had any cavities when I was a kid... And I only got 2 after I gave birth to Emry... 

I think it's insane when small children get cavities.. I mean, if there is a genetic thing, or your teeth are overcrowded, or there's some type of medical reason... FINE.. but, otherwise.. Those baby teeth should NOT have cavities, and there should not be a FILLING EVER... At least not until your 18, and not my financial responsibility.

I'm sorry.... did that sound too harsh? Yeah... I re-read what I wrote.. It does.. But, seriously man... EMRY BRUSH YOUR TEETH OR MOMMY WILL NEVER LET YOU LOOK AT SUGAR AGAIN!

Yeah, I"m that mom.

After that visit, we really started checking is teeth.. smelling his breath... making him re-do the whole tooth brushing thing... 

And thank God.. I think it paid off.


He sat, they checked his teeth... they did the special deep cleaning...

Then they put sealant on two of his molars, to protect them from decaying, or stuff getting stuck in them... 

And they took a panoramic x-ray of his mouth. Do you know what that revealed?

FINALLY.. SOME MOVEMENT WITH HIS ADULT TEETH! And that means that the TOOTH FAIRY is going to making an appearance in our home, VERY SOON... and that makes this mom SUPER excited., yes, I know, he is 7... and he should have been losing teeth much earlier. I started losing them at 4... and a bunch of his friends have holes in their faces... But, his teeth just took their time.

The dentist says it's normal, and that everything is moving the way it should. And sometimes it's just a BOY thing...

Yes, another reason why GIRLS are BETTER than BOYS... Yeah, I said it... I meant it...

BOYS ARE SLOW WITH EVERYTHING... Even pushing out those baby teeth!
not my kid.. but still funny
And he was happy. Yes, Emry enjoyed the dentist. More so than ever before... and it was because he saw that he did the work, and it paid off... He, in a very childlike way, asked if a reward for his good visit could be a piece of his chocolate Easter bunny...

I laughed really hard, and then said SURE!!!! As long as you super brush your teeth after!!!

It's all about moderation.. I suppose!

I know it's unexciting.. but, it's the little things! Especially when you have kids... The little accomplishments!!!


  1. Woo hoo for good dentist reports!! Ellie fell back in January and had to have her front tooth pulled.. at 16 months old.. She is going to be the death of me.

  2. Every achievement in a child’s life is an exciting turn for their parents! It’s nice to know that all your efforts have paid off, even if you had to be extra strict with his oral habits and eating. I do hope you’ll be able to help him keep those pearly whites healthy and strong. How are you, Kateri? :)

    Josh Brockmann @ StarBrite Dental

  3. Congratulations for a successful dental appointment, Kateri! I can only imagine the pressure that you’ve felt while you were on your way to the clinic. Anyway, it’s nice to know that all your efforts in helping him maintain his oral health were all worth it. It’s been a while now, and I am looking forward to reading more of his teeth updates. Did he have a recent visit with the tooth fairy, by the way? Have a great day!

    Eugenie Velasquez @ Wynnewood Dental Arts