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Thursday, April 17, 2014

This is the HARDEST day for me - Health and Fitness Ranting

Thursday is the day before rest day. It is also the day that I "weigh in" for the workshop I take at work. Needless to say, both of these factors make the day SUPER tiring and slightly stressful.

I always make a good weight... I always do a great workout on Thursday mornings. I was thoroughly surprised how great of a Weight/Strength workout I got this morning, even if I only had an hour. 

But... today.... I am only half convinced that tomorrow is Rest Day. 
I am physically prepared to sleep in.. but mentally... I know this is a bad idea. only is tomorrow REST DAY.. but it's also the start of my 4 day weekend from work.
I don't know about any of you, but, I find that all my dedication and focus goes out the fricking WIND on 4 day weekends. I usually intend to workout, but I won't.. because it's like a VACATION... 

And, the fat girl that lives in my head says "No one work out on vacations. No one eats healthy on vacations."

I know this is NOT true.. I KNOW THIS. But, doesn't stop me. The mental aspect of my journey is harder than the physical part. 

Anyone with me on this? Bueller?

Then there is the fact that Easter is on Sunday... and I know what foods Klay's mom is preparing. I know what I am also preparing, to try and counter balance that. 

I already have the plan for Easter Sunday: 1 plate of food, one solid layer, no piling of food. Choose the dessert I bring... and eat it modestly. 

This is the plan, and oh my God, do I need to stick with it. 

In my home, we make our plates (even during holidays) in the kitchen, or from a table with food set up.. And then, we bring our plates to the eating table. This makes it super easy to eat one plate, and not get up for seconds. This is usually because the conversation takes over, and by time anyone has time to breathe... the food is getting a little cold. I don't like to reheat food, especially if I have company. I don't mind if anyone else does.. I choose not to do it.

HOWEVER: Klay's parents keep the food in the center of the eating table.. So it is super easy just to SPOON AN EXTRA SERVING.. or two.... or three... There is still the intense conversation, but, the food is still right in front of you. That is very troubling for me. That's where the Fat Girl in my head starts to really speak LOUD. 

I think that when everyone is done eating, I'll just clear the table of the dinner plates.. this will get me away from the food, hopefully until it gets too cold for me to be interested. Same thing with setting up and breaking down from dessert. The longer I stay away from the table... the better chance food will not GET in my mouth. 


But let's back track.. That's Sunday.. I still have Friday and Saturday to get through before then! 

Friday, even though it's supposed to be rest day.. has me all perplexed. I know Sunday is coming... Maybe I should get a class in... or a workout in. The YMCA has this class at 545a that is a complete body workout... that is supposed to "push you past your level of comfort"... Maybe if I kill it.. just for 45 minutes... and do my Saturday and Sunday workouts.. I won't feel so bad... I won't worry so much?

I think I may kill my workouts for next week though.. I'm really torn.. 

Thoughts? Do I work out a little bit tomorrow morning? or let it truly be a rest day? 

I have pre-planned meals for myself... and I just need to keep busy, and out of the kitchen. 
This may be easy on ONE of those days.. but certainly not both....

I may go window shopping, just to get out of the house... Hell, if it's warm enough, I may even go take a hike or something... Just to get AWAY from the kitchen.

I do have a project I want to do... I recently bought this Wicker Bathroom Hutch. It goes over the toilet bowl, and has a cubby and a cabinet on it. It is a blonde colored wood, and I would like for it to go in my "Purple" bathroom. I call it the purple bathroom because the towels are a Deep Fuscia and Dark Slate Grey... Now blonde wood doesn't really go with that... I am thinking of spray painting it Black... Perhaps doing a little decorative stenciling with a Deep Fuscia, just on the doors....

I think if it's really nice on Friday.. I will do that... The thing is.. I need to do it in the driveway, with a tarp on the ground... So it can't be too windy... or too cold. 

Pray for WARMTH.. For my sake.. PLEASE pray for warmth.

There is the weekly cooking, and the cleaning, and the prepping for Easter... But, that only takes me SO long... I need to find activities for BOTH of those days... I may just right rinky dink posts too pass the time.. WHO KNOWS! I am a desperate woman!

Then, there is MONDAY.
Monday - Emry goes back to school, and Klay is off, just like I am. A day alone.. just the two of us? Oh YAY!!!!!!!! We rarely get these.. but they always wind up this way:
We go hiking, and then go out for lunch and eat 3x what we burned.. . . . . . I do not want to do that this time. 

I also don't want to schedule this time... It should be a relaxing day... A day wear we can be that giddy engaged couple... Just two adults... 

I need to stay positive. I need to stay motivated. I need to remember why I am doing this. I need to remember it's a lifestyle choice.. not a diet... not a blip in my existence... 


I think I've become addicted to that Pharrel song "Happy"... No matter when I hear it.. I want to dance.. it is INFECTIOUS. 

Perhaps every time I get scared, or depressed or start giving in to temptation... Perhaps then, I should play that song... It may work...

Because.. you know what... I'm happy.


  1. If food gets near me it gets in me ALWAYS! Gets me every time ugh!

  2. How did you end up doing over the weekend?

    I am the same way with food, especially on long weekends, it is very hard for me as well. Pre-planned meals are essential, but for me it's just the will power to say NO!

  3. I actually struggle to work out on four day weekends, not because I feel like it's a holiday, but because I work twice as much on bank holidays, so I'm usually too tired to fit anything else in. It's not really a great excuse, but sometimes making excuses makes me feel better about my laziness.
    I didn't need to worry about food, because I don't do anything for Easter. Plus, with the amount I was working, I didn't have time to be overeating. (One bonus, I guess.)