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Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap - Amazing!

This weekend was JAM packed... from Friday night to Sunday night.. 
And, oh my, how rewarding it was. 

I made the Cumin/Lentil Quesadillas that I found over at The Picky Eater. They smell delicious, and were super easy to make. We have enough for the week and I made a Cold Balsamic Kale Salad (with a little shredded mozzarella cheese) for a side dish!

I also made the 2 ingredient muffins, and I have to admit.. They weren't very PRETTY to look at.. but, they were DELICIOUS.. I only had ONE... I am very proud of that! But, Emry gobbled them up like they were going out of style! 

Saturday, I had to go get new rear tires, stupid NY potholes and winter... So I decided to RUN home from the mechanic. The mechanic is 4 miles (on back roads) from my house. It's 3 if I took the main roads.. but traffic scares me. 

I ran 4 miles in 38 minutes 30 seconds. I was thoroughly impressed. And exhausted. It felt so good to run outside in the beautiful weather!

 Klay and I then picked up this beautiful roll top desk for the office... and finally.. for the first time since we moved into our home (*cough cough* almost a year ago *cough cough*) I have a REAL desk and not a FOLDING table. 

The desk was located about an hour into Jersey... and on the way back we stopped at Klay's old Professors bar for buffalo wings and beer. Let me be clear.. He had a beer, and I had water (It was barely even NOON.. MEN!!!!) and He had 6 of the 10 teeny buffalo wings... Color me NOT impressed. But, it was nice to shit and just be us for a while.

After we got the desk (which was heck-uva-heavy) into the office, Klay dropped Emry and I off at the mechanic to pick up my car... then Emry and I did the local thrift shops, so we could continue to search for the perfect Steampunk Outfit for the little gentleman. Acquired Suspenders, a shirt for him and a shirt for me... Which, oddly enough, I am wearing today. Yes, my steamstyle flows over into my work style... I'm weird... I know it.

Got home, grabbed Klay.. and ran up to New Paltz, NY.. for the COOL vintage shops.. which... aren't there anymore. I felt very defeated. I loved those shops, and they have ALWAYS been there... One was replaced by an Exotic Olive Oil and Vinegar Shoppe... which, seems really cool.. But seriously.. a whole store for that?! And the other just.. wasn't there. Ho Hum. 

I found Emry some bow ties.. and we did walk around in the 70+ degree temperatures. I taught Emry to play chess in one of the outside common areas... and we ate...some snacks. . . . .

It started off with Emry, "mama, I neeeeed a snack." So we stopped off at a convenience mart on the main drag, and all got some snacks. I got an Organic 63% cacoa chocolate bar... with sea salt... YUM. Emry got skittles and Klay got an Iced Tea. We walked some more, and decided to just wander through different shops... 

We ended up in a Cheese Store... Fancy Cheese.. Fancy Breads... fancy ice creams... chocolate... Oh man, temptation EVERYWHERE. Klay got a Pretzel Croissant. I had an eensy bite. And then... We wandered by a FRESH DOUGHNUT Shop, that made SIRACHA Doughnuts. 

I love hot sauce... a lot... So, we had to try it... Klay and I split this tiny doughnut... So tasty... So worth it... 

Walked back to the car... and ventured home. 

We played Mortal Combat as a family.. ate dinner... and hung out... 
After Emry went to bed, I finished up the Steampunk Mod for his Weapon... I'm pleased with my progress and how fast I got it done. We need to wrap the handle in leather.. but overall.. I Love it. And so did Emry.

Sunday, I woke up, and was at the YMCA by 730a... thinking it had opened at 7a.... NOPE, they were closed for another half hour. So I sat, and I waited. I got an amazing 2 hour workout in... FELT AMAZING... went home, and began housework. 

Finished with the housework... and went out to buy "Emry Spring Break Camp Lunches"...... Now, why is this special and in quotation marks? Because this week... since it's the week before Easter, and I have to make him lunches for this camp... I am taking a cue from Bentology, and I am going to make Emry the coolest, fun shaped, Healthy Lunches... EVER... well, maybe not EVER.. but... They're going to be fun! 

I got Easter themed cupcake liners, Fun Easter Food toothpicks, Easter/Spring cookie cutters... interesting ring lollipops.. and SO MUCH MORE.

Tuesday through Thursday of this week, check back for a post (and photo) about his lunch! It's not something I can make a habit of... but, I thought it be a nice treat! 

Then it was EPIC DINNER TIME. We didn't do the clams and kale skillet on Saturday... but we did it on Sunday... And let me tell you... my family was Happy as CLAAaa--- Nope, I'm not going to say it.. They were REALLY happy.

The clams are always good. Well seasoned, and amazing quality for pre-made/frozen baked clams. 

I'm not going to lie, the Kale Tomato Polenta Bake had me scared... I have never worked with polenta or marscapone.. I've watched it cooked with on Food Network, I know a lot about what it should taste like and consistency.. but, never actually WORKED with it. 

The directions, were easy... 
The prep was SUPER EASY..
The ingredients were Healthy and Tasty!

This side dish paired very well with the clams.. and everyone loved it... Even EMRY! I got him to try a big bite of it... and He didn't make a gaggy face or anything! He didn't want another bite... but, I'm sure I'd get him to eat a serving next time! 


We went out for ice cream that night, just a scoop, over at Stewart's.

Emry had Cotton Candy...
I had Happy Camper... which is described as Graham cracker flavored ice cream with chocolate covered peanut butter cups and marshmallow swirls (seasonal flavor).

Emry topped his with every sprinkle option they had.
And I, will not lie, I added a little more marshmallow, caramel sauce, and chocolate sprinkles... 

We had a nice time.. the weather on Sunday was HOT. I got to wear a beautiful sundress! and SANDALS... Come on Summer.. COME TO MAMA!!!!

And that's was our WEEKEND!

Today, starts my 4 day work week.. that has it's own interesting challenges... (read about that later on)


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  1. What a delightful weekend! And go you on the running!

    I'm still battling the virus from last week so no running for me just yet. Hopefully soon! I have a work thing in, um, just about 30 days.