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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's Emry eating today? - Special Easter Lunch Post!


I am a working mother... I work about 45min away (sometimes more depending on traffic). 5 days a week. Every week. I get every Holiday off, and I have a good amount of vacation time that I save up and use for this and that. But, when Emry has a day off from school, one of four things happens.

  1. If it's only one day, Klay tries to take a day from work, and even works from home. He's lucky to have that option.
  2. I take a day, and this is a last case scenario, since I try to hoard my sick days, personal days, and vacation time like it's going out of style. You never know when one of us is going to get sick and need taking care of.
  3. One or two days: Perhaps Klay's parents.... this is only in DIRE NEED.
  4. We send Emry to an All Day Watch Facility. It used to be his daycare center, but now it does his Summer Camp as well, and Per Diem Care. 
He now tells me, at the ripe old age of 7, that he is too old for such CARE CENTERS. That he could take care of himself at home.

**SIGHS** Maybe in 4 or 5 years... Maybe.. Just maybe, I'll consider that.

But, for right now, he is 7... and is in need of someone to watch him.

I knew he was bummed that he really wasn't going to have the typical Spring Break. Some of his friends went on a vacation, others spoke of waking up SUPER LATE and PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ALL DAY... Taking day trips... We cannot do these things.. Not yet, at least.... Maybe when I hit the 5 year mark at work... They give me another week of vacation days... Which is AWESOME.

So, to make him feel a little special, I packed him an unconventional and FUN lunch.
I got the idea from a blog I read called Bentology...  and kind of ran with it.

I bought a few Easter Themed Cookie Cutters, I had already made the 2 ingredient muffins... It was just bringing it all together.

The sandwich is shaped like a carrot, and decorated with food coloring. It contains Turkey and Fontina Cheese (He likes fancy cheese.. he's a weird kid. I love him).
He has Cherry Tomatoes and a Bunny Lollipop Ring!
And he has one of the Pumpkin Cocoa Muffins, deocrated with Easter Toothpicks.

The sides are placed in fun Easter Cupcake Liners!

I also bought him individual cereal bowls for the week. He's always asking for them when we go grocery shopping. So I splurged!

Tomorrow, I'll make a different shape and type of sandwich... And perhaps different snacks... Let me see how creative I can go with this.

I hope he likes it... It's a surprise, so I won't know about it until I pick him up!

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