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Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's Emry Eating Today?

Today's lunch:
  • A flower shaped turkey and cheese - decorated with food coloring and Easter toothpicks.
  • A Colby Jack Cheese stick - decorated like a BUNNY: Paper Ears taped on, and permanent markers make the face.
  • 2 Samoa Cookies & a Green Bunny Lollipop Ring  (placed in an Easter Cupcake Liner)
  • Baby Carrots (placed in an Easter Cupcake Liner)

I know that Emry loved all of his lunches this week, and I did enjoy making them. There was a ZEN quality to it. 

I, also, know I would never be able to keep up with this... so, if you want to see more Awesome Kid Lunches, please go to Bentology and check out the amazing things she comes up with.

Stay tuned!! More to come later!!!


  1. I used to make Bentos all the time and miss it so much! But my kid stopped liking them :( She grew up too fast

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