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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Be the Change You Seek.

Till Then Smile Often
From - Till Then Smile Often

Kerry, over at Till Then Smile Often, made up this button... and it's been in the back of my mind since I saw it.

They are powerful words... They are inspirational.

But, what to do with them? Acts of Kindness are an awesome way to "Be the Change"... 

Being Happy, and sharing your happiness... to everyone, whether you like them or not... Is another way to do this.

If someone asks you for advice, give it. 
If someone asks you to listen, just do it. 

I am a firm believer that progression comes from within. You cannot move forward without YOU taking the first step.. and then taking another one. 

I was 180 pounds - February 2013. I had a BMI of 30.9 - That means I was considered OBESE. 
That was some scary shit. 

I had to be the change, I had to find my strength within me.. and push forward.

August 2013, I weighed 130 pounds, my BMI went down to 22.3 - I was in a normal range.

As of the last time I weighed in I was 123.4 pounds, with a BMI 21.5 - in the lower half of the normal range.

I had to find it.. I had to fight for it.. I had to be who I wanted.. who I needed to be. Not just for me. But for my son, my fiance (then boyfriend), my father... 

I also wanted to reflect this to others... especially my sister.. who... really needs to see, that the only thing she needs... is confidence in herself. But, I digress.

Before the weight loss... I was in a horrible first marriage. With a man who couldn't love me. Who, I think at heart, couldn't love himself. I was unhappy.. I was crushed... I felt as if I was drowning. This is where the weight gain started, but it isn't the point.......

I had my son and he didn't even know the man who was supposed to be "his father"... I saw a happy life being pulled away from me.. and nothing I could do would keep it near me. It was like grains of sand falling from between my fingers... 

A door opened, and suddenly.. I had a real job.. I was starting to gain confidence.. and all at once... my marriage ended.. Which should have devastated me. But, it didn't. I was ready.. I was prepared. I knew that one happy day with my ex.. was not worth a thousand unhappy ones with him. I knew I wanted my son to know what true happiness was. 

So, I kept working. I kept pushing. I kept envisioning the life I wanted.. the life I wanted Emry to know. And everything, started falling into place.

I met Klay. 
I got a raise.
Klay, Emry and I became a family.
I got a promotion.
Klay and I bought a house.
Emry started to GLOW and SHINE all on his own...
I lost the weight that was holding me to my old life.
I ran a 5k.
Klay proposed. 

I found my happiness.. I found my true glow... when I was finding myself through this healthy journey. From the dismissal starts of Divorce... to the peaks of Weight Loss.. to now... The complacency and joy of BORING and NORMAL life. It was all part of Being the Change. From knowing where I wanted to be.. and what I wanted from life.

I'm not perfect.
I'm not an expert.
But, I'm motivated...I'm driven... I think it is possible for everyone to achieve their own personal "HAPPY".

Everyone has a different journey... You can find your First Step... in church, in a book, in volunteering, in singing... playing music, yoga, cooking... etc.

Now, here's where Karma kicks in... 
And this is my personal opinion/belief:

The ONLY way you get to keep, to maintain, your personal "Happy" ... forever...


You have to live it.
Walk the walk and talk the talk.

Everyone is capable of being, not only the best person they can be, but also an inspiration for someone else.

It's a chain reaction. I do a little good... you see it, and you do a little good... we reflect the light... allowing all of us to shine. 

Something that prevents a lot of people from "Being the Change".. is self doubt.. 
There Is the word: CAN'T.

Can't - Is a choice. It is a choice that we let excuses rule us.
Can't - Is a wall. That closes us off and limits us from achieving our true potential.

Where do we go from here...
How do we make this work....
HOW do we stop the "Can't Attitude"?

It's a good question...
It's a good thing to ponder?

What am I going to do?

I blog - I blog for me.. sometimes, just writing things down, makes them clearer.  I blog for others. If something I say, clicks with someone else.. and they use it to move forward.. I have just reflected the light. I have just passed on the Change.

I smile - at everyone. A smile is infectious.. a smile inspires HAPPINESS. If even just for a moment.

I dance - like a buffoon.. WHEN PEOPLE ARE WATCHING...

I love - like there is only one day left to show you what LOVE is.

I work, train, exercise - HARD.. and INTENSELY.. and with EXTREME JOY

SO.. Let's do this.. Go grab the button over at Til Then Smile Often...

Pass around some happy!


  1. This is such a great post! Thank you so much for sharing the button! So much of what we do is seen by others. Just the simplest thing like a smile can change someone's day! People seeing you change your body makes others take notice and maybe make the change too! You are awesome!

  2. What a great post. i love the part about someone asking for advice or listening and you give it. That's all I want is folks to do exactly what I do when i go read their blog. Read, comment, and take things in

  3. Am I just not seeing it or do you not have a blog facebook page or blog lovin.

  4. Fantastic and inspiring words of wisdom!